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Hey can u help me with a fog machine issue? Answered

I have a fog machine that I purchased for $14 at menards. It worked great! I had it hooked up to my fog chiller last night and it started making a weird noise. It was spitting out fog every few seconds instead of continuously like it was before. I ran the cleaner (80% water and 20% vinegar) through it like the instructions said. I took a closer look at the hose and it was vibrating like crazy and had air in it for the most part instead of the cleaner. Is it worth trying to fix or should I exchange it for a new one? I was running the target brand fog liquid through it. They containe the same liquids in them. The menards one is clear and the target one is purple. Can You help me?


If it's new enough to exchange do so.  It's not worth fixing if you can get new.  Hope you just got a bad one.

 I'm going to go to target and get in right as they open and buy a low lying fogger for $20. I was going to buy one today but they were $40. Target puts everything on 50% for seasonal the day after halloween. I will probably buy more juice too.

I went to exchange it at two stores. Both stores were out of fog machines so I ended up getting my money back.

Thanks Re-design!! I think that I got a bad one. Fog was comming out of the top too!!  I will go and exchange it tomarrow.