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Hey guys how can i identify variable pin of 5k trim pot variable resistor??? Answered


1. by looking at it

2. it's usually the middle one

3. if you measure the resistance between any 2 pins the one that gives a changing resistance is the wiper.


6 years ago

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Well,  assuming the pot is not connected to a larger circuit, it has just three pins.  I am also going to assume you have an ohmmeter (or a multimeter on its ohmmeter setting) to connect across any two of these three pins.

Case 1:
If the resistance is less than 5 Kohm, and this resistance changes as the pot is adjusted, then one of the two pins connected to the ohmmeter must be the wiper, the variable pin. But you don't know which one of these two it is.

Case 2:
If the resistance measures approximately 5 Kohm, and does not change as the pot is adjusted, then the remaining pin is the wiper. I.e.  the pin not attached to the ohmmeter is the variable pin.

Also what Steveastrouk said about it usually being the center pin, is usually true.

Same way as your previous question ;-)