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Hey there i am getting a job as a kung fu instructor? Answered

and I just wanted to see where i could get certified as a kung fu instructor in austin texas? It is mainly to boost my "value".


For local questions, your best bet is to ask locally. Pick up the phone and call dojos in the area and ask them how their instructors are certified.

well i asked my kung fu instructor and he charges way to much and the other dojos dont have a program

Well, that's your answer unless you're willing to go farther afield. It's either worth the money or it isn't. I have no opinion either way.

Have you tried contacting one of the national/international organizations to see what your options are?

well turns out that kung fu is a really shady sport you don't need and certification to teach and you can just make some stuff up but i am trying not to be shady(as much as i can) and teach ligitly

dont forget to mention your free style. there are more then one way to kick sum arse...


7 years ago

Try the on-line Austin Yellow Pages.