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Hf or rf welder Answered

I have some flexible clear vinyl that I've been trying to figure out how to infuse together for a project I want to make. 

I've been successful with vinyl glue (after much tests with different glues and epoxies). However chemical bonding can become expensive. 

Ive tried many experiments with melting the vinyl together with soldering irons. Either the bond is not strong enough or it melts through, or it weakens the material too much. 

I'd be really interested to see someone make an rf or hf welder that is capable of welding heavy gauge vinyl. 


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crapflinger (author)2014-07-11


a quick google search suggests that there are quite a few commercially available thermal welders for vinyl....the soldering iron probably didn't work for you because of the size/shape/material of the tip. most of the commercial units seem to be hot air guns

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