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Hi I wanted to make a tv stand from MDF and need some help Ill list spec in details. Sorry for the bad spelling. Answered

Ok so the tv stand i would like to make will be

Top & bottom surface :

24" from the wall
48" long

middle surface :

24" from the wall 
36" long 

total unit from width length hight :

24" from the wall
48" along the wall

Now what I am not shear of is how to support it so it doe sent brake under weight. I am going to have  32 inch lcd tv on the left side and a ps3 one the right side ps2 in the middle  id like to have one or two shelves on the middle then a bottom but im also not shear if i should duble the mdf for one  surface one MDF board will be 3/4x24"x48" so im not shear if thats thick enuff for what i want

Sorry for the bad spelling and not knowing how to word this question im not good with english.

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orksecurity (author)2010-06-09

Response posted to other copy. You might want to cancel this copy, so all the discussion occurs in one place.

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