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Hi, can you tell me how to make rope pump step by step? Answered

I have searched all over the network but i cant find how to make rope water pump can you maybe make instructables how to do it?
P.S. Sorry for my spelling...
It should look like this:


The video tells it all.

A Pulley
A rope either knotted to just fit the pipe or you can knot sponges or rags to it to improve the lifting ability.

A suitably long pipe to reach the water supply.

The rope turns round the pulley in an endless loop

As the rope turns water is lifted up the pipe because the knots or rags fill up the space in the pipe, some leaks back but a lot gets lifted.

At the top the water just pours out of the outlet pipe.

i have made these with plastic drain pipes and PVC water pipes.

its very simple but it works and is LOW LOW tec.

It's also a very cool idea. I wasn't aware of this method, but I'm impressed.

Thanks. I think I'm going to make one just to stick the idea "upstairs" for good. It's a brilliant solution to an old problem (granted, it's apparently also a very old solution as well @>1000yrs...)

I've been working on a seedling table and may incorporate one for giggles (rube goldberg value) to power my 'shower' watering grid, so I can keep the reservoir down below the lighting rather than perching it above to minimize potential crises.

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