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Hi, i would like to make an electric machine that imitates a boxer throwing left and right punches(fixed to a wall)? Answered

im not sure whether to use hydraulics( like two pistons) or like a chain machine type thing. i would like to bolt it to a wall to practice my timeing, ducking and weaving- when i do not have someone to spar with. i would like it if possible to be able to have something which rotatets either arms like 2 pistons back and forth. i just cant seem to workout how to get the arms to go?
thanks for any help



The way I would probably proceed would be to find a Rock 'em Sock 'em Robot game cheap at a garage sale or something and take apart the robots and work a mechanism from there. They use push buttons to activate levers and gears, where you could substitute motors and a CPU to control them (like an Arduino ).
Of course, that would be smaller then you needed and you'd need to use that as a template only.

I remember those rock 'em sock 'em robots!

Life Size Rock em Sock em 'bots at ESPN Zone

If your looking for a mechanical system then look to levers

Research Automaton (mechanical moving figures) they are a popular school project so there is plenty of information out there.

Parallelogram systems give you the movement your looking for . Coupled with a cam on a slow running motor to drive the movement.

You can go with a simple L shaped arm if a less realistic movement if Ok for you.

Forget hydraulics, think about pneumatics instead - there's a chance you can set them up so that they won't kill you.

I don't understand how you intend the arms to go either. A classic arm punch action could be done with a single cylinder and a couple of linkages.