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Hi what is "steam punk"? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

ANything decorated or modded to look like it came from the steam age.  Think of the mechanical wonders on the shoe "Wild Wild West".  Search for Steam Punk on this site and see what's here, then google it.    It can be very nice if you like that kind of stuff and I Do.

My favorite tongue-in-cheek answer is, "Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown."

Steam Punk is a trend based upon the vision of an alternate universe set in the Victorian period in which advanced technology exist mixed with classical technology.  Imagine if you would if during the time of the steam age, some modern knowledge of electronics and gizmos existed.  The "Wild Wild West" show is a good example in which technology is shown that did not really exist during that period is shown, though the technology is believable that it could have existed.  Loosely based on fictional tales like that of Jules Verne sci-fi or stories of mad scientist, typically, Steam Punk takes some modern technology and makes it appear as if it was a actually made during Victorian times.  Technology and invention during this period was extensive with lots of new ideas and emerging technology, that it is conceivable that an inventor in this time period could of invented just about anything we use today.  Typically, to make something look as if it is "Steam Punk", materials common to the Victorian period are used.  Clockwork mechanisms is very steam-punkish, and so brass gears are common.  Brass and copper, leather and wood are used instead of plastic.  There are no firm rules as to what makes something "Steam Punk", only that it must have a Victorian period feel to it.