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Hi, why cant alkaline batteries replace lithium- ion? Answered


The move away from common alkaline cells was gradual.
First, manufacturers replace the 4 AA cells with a DL245 6 volt lithium battery to make the product smaller.

Then they replace the primary lithium with a rechargeable lithium so you don’t have to replace discharged batteries.

Lastly, they make the rechargeable proprietary so that only they can sell the replacement. Also, they have an excuse to void the warrantee if you use the battery of a competitor.

This is win/win for manufacturers.  


8 years ago

 its the 3rd gen ipod with the dock connector in the bottom,  40gb. no clue, just found it on the side of the road without a battery in it!!!! WIERD HUH???
i have no clue, but lithium batteries are hard to come buy, i tried to hook it up via USB, and because it has a hard drive, it wont work because it drains the hell out of the battery, so it wont work well, plus there are three metal spoes where the battery connects, whats up with that???


8 years ago

 well, its really just taking an ipod that uses a lithium ion battery and im trying to make it run off of alkaline. 

Why, is the built-in lithium battery dead?  You certainly won't find an alkaline battery in the same form factor or with the same capacity.  The best you'll be able to do is hook up a few alkalines through the USB cable and fool the iPod into thinking it's being charged through the USB port.

The Ipod uses an embedded rechargeable lithium pack for ease of operation, much as all of the products prior to the Ipod that did all the footwork for Apple in developing the technique.

For the purpose, a Lithium battery represents the most efficient manner in which to achieve the end, ie, a compact, embeddable, rechargeable power source. The Alkaline does not.

You *could power the Ipod off an Alkaline source, but why?

well if you replaced it with a battery that had the same voltage it would work but lion batts will last a LOT longer and be rechargeable. im not sure of the voltage and what kind of draw an ipod has but you may have to make a custome battery. you could use an external battery pack and mount it, but i mean common the thing is gona end up being bigger and have less batt life.

Power output and capacity ?