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High Speed Suggestions- More Please! Answered

As you may know, but need reminding of, Summer is just around the corner! This means that I will have plenty of light and much needed free time! Geocaching and iBling aside, I plan to get some excellent footage this summer. Only problem is, I need ideas! So, what would you like to see filmed at 300, 600, and 1200 frames per second?

(I decided to post a second topic, seeing as my first one is a little crowded.)


Mother Nature at work:

You did exploding watermelon and stomach slap? Amazing! :D

Yep, those are two of my favorite clips. Took a lot of convincing for the ~~victim~~ friend to agree to it, but a few bribes later he saw the clip and said it was worth it. :P

Very good! You should string them end-to end with some music? L

Thanks! In fact, I threw a few clips together last month. I must have forgotten to post them, here they are:

I'll explain the bottom clip at 2:39: we placed a firecracker underneath a bisected soda can, it launched into the air, flew up and over the house, and landed in the driveway on the other side!

Have you ever heard of the discovery channel show Time Warp? It does alot of cool high speed camera stuff. The whole show is about that actually. There was this one cool episode in wich they drop a drop of water into a bucket of water and when the water came up they hit it with another drop. It sounds boring but looked extremely cool.


9 years ago

- A camera flash (would have to be 1200fps I think)
- A camera flash capacitor sparking :)
- Something involving flames- iron filings or a sparkler perhaps? Burning wire wool with a jet lighter?
- Someone being (gently) slapped- in the stomach if you don't want to slap them in the face. It worked on Brainiac :)
- The nearest person with ninja skillz breaking a break board. Alternatively, the nearest person with a very large hammer breaking a board.
- If you can set up the exposure etc. right to get the scanline, an old CRT TV would be good

- The person doing the lazy vault had some promise- ask your neighbourhood traceurs if they want high-speed footage of themselves so they can improve their technique and you get slow-mo PK film- everyone wins.

- Perhaps someone who can type very fast- it would be interesting to see how your fingers move at that speed

- Works bomb inside a watermelon? Micro-disclaimer: don't gratuitously blow things up and annoy your neighbours with loud bangs, it's antisocial.

Slap and watermelon are in the post above (or below, if this reply brings thread to the top). Except, I think there's so many videos (7) that the filters blocked the post as spam...


Micro-disclaimer: don't gratuitously blow things up and annoy your neighbours with loud bangs, it's antisocial.

That is why I still have a big box of fireworks. I got through the first box (on the Fourth, of all times), but the neighbor called and complained before I could get to the second. Not being able to light off fireworks on the Fourth is such a downer.

Hehehe.. the only time my neighbours complained of the noisy things I and my teenage friends did in the back garden was when we discovered bottle rockets work underwater, so were experimenting with hydrostatic explosions etc., but they were the "whistling" sort which make an ungodly racket while they are burning. Incidentally, it turns out that a bottle rocket the size of my finger can blow a hole in a metal dustbin filled with water. Who knew? We also had great fun firing them downwards into the deep water at the docks, seeing the burning trail disappear and feeling the explosion through the concrete.

I once dropped 7 cherry bombs, fuses tied together into a metal dishpan filed with water. It felt like the ground split, the dish pan was ko'ed

bottle rocket? the size of your finger?

Micro-disclaimer: don't gratuitously blow things up and annoy your neighbours with loud bangs, it's antisocial

That's why you blow things up at other people's houses, that way you can annoy their neighbors instead and still have a nice relationship with your neighbors. That's what I do anyway ;) My friend's neighbors already hate her so it's all good.

Damn, you beat me to most of the good ones...

I took the opportunity to throw this together really fast:

Very awesome. Keith kid and pkm's list : sparklers and fireworks a model airplane crashing (a rubber band airplane would look so cool) Wipe out on bike skates etc... A hot chick jogging lemonie's exploding carrot hot chick biting a juicy steak hot chick tossing her hair some animal attacking and devouring another a model rocket launch Ill think of more...

A hot chick jogging
hot chick biting a juicy steak


That's my "eyebrow raise" smiley.

I'm going to make a little GIF file from that 'ible I did I can stick in like a smiley... Jogging and biting a juicy steak?

The jogging was a given, and I thought wouldn't it be cool to see a steak get eaten but I didnt feel like watching just anyone eat a steak....

That 'Ible you did? GIF file? Smiley?

Addendum to list:
- an analog watch ticking (if you've seen Watchmen you know how atmospheric it can be)
- a sneeze (gross but awesome)
- tennis ball or baseball strike
- some kind of chaotic motion (flip a coin and film it bouncing on a table)
- letting an inflated balloon fly around (more for the air escaping and flapping around than the flight- could try a whoopee cushion instead)
- drop something pointy into a glass of water, watch it drag air down with it
- DEFINITELY a bottle rocket or similar as Nova Hawk suggests

Nothing wrong with appreciating the infinite art, grace, and beauty of the female form :D

A list in case you're out of ideas -If you have a spud gun, it shooting a cd. -mercury? -magnets -a blowtorch igniting -tennis shots -golf -airsoft vs skin -static test of model rocket engine -airsoft vs glass -dropping/hitting metal on the ground -rubber band -spring -trampoline

*erhem* I though that we had an agreement! Call me!!!

  • Pouring milk
  • I agree with the Camera flash one
  • exploding fruit, either by crusing or explosive
  • someone spitting out some juice or something? a sneeze perhaps?
  • A slap!!!!
  • popcorn popping
  • a bubble popping
  • breaking a piece of wood
  • a light bulb coming on
  • a fire comin on

Why does this make me sea sick, yet makes me crave some Jell-O?

I did some experimenting in Final Cut Express:

I've always wanted to see fire, particularly smoke, in slow motion. All of the whisps and flickers would look great.

Position a large sheet of glass so that it fills the frame, and the sun is just out of frame. Shoot or otherwise smash the glass - the crazing should catch the sunlight quite spectacularly. Or what about a rainbow? The kind you make with a hose-spray on a sunny day - maybe you could see individual droplets changing colour?

Little bugger was hard to focus on:

I did a bunch today: Multiple shots of milk pouring, cereal falling into bowl of milk, Mazee eating said cereal, flies, and guitar strings...

if done with tempered glass, film it when it has had it's edge whacked.....the glass won't shatter, but will crack all over....that would be interesting to see....but probably expensive to do....

Guitar strings? Omg! Play a first harmonic (light touch at 12th fret) and record the standing wave.. that would be cool.


9 years ago

This one I thought up of in school today. I want to see that if you film a TV that is on a nonexistant station (basically static) which way is the static moving, I could swear that I saw the pattern of static moving down and to the right, try filming at a speed around 100 or so, not too fast.


9 years ago

Tennis ball vs. Racket?

something with human reaction time?

Awwww, I thought you were going to get hit by the Mustang and would bounce off the bumper...at least have it run over a watermelon...