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High-Tech Surfboard Made from Cardboard Answered

Instead of the traditional methods, this surfboard is based on a core that's made up of nearly 400 pieces of cut cardboard that intersects and is then coated with fiberglass and resin. So far it's only a one-off, but more will surely be made.

When it came time to replace his old surfboard, Mike Sheldrake decided to build his own. But the former Web programmer didn't have the sculpting skills to carve one out of foam the way professional builders do. So he used 3-D modeling software to design a snap-together deck that's as sturdy as a conventional model and performs just as well, made from the cheapest material he could find: cardboard.



plus, you can burn it for heat in an emergency

Yeah. Given laser cutters, CNC routers, CNC foam cutters, or just graphics printers, I'd be interested in playing with some software that could reduce a 3d shape into intersecting flat cross section pieces (including the slots that would mate together to make the 3d shape.)

That is a great idea, but what if you would ding your board? The board would be very hard to fix. It is awesome though.

It's covered with a transparent fiberglass coating, so no, definitely *not* biodegradable.

Also, I feel the urge to point out that "cardboard" is somewhat of a misnomer here. This is about as far away from what people think of when they hear the word "cardboard" as it is possible to get using current technology! :-D

It says "cardboard" and "the same material as a moving box", and if you look closely at the edges in the second photo it certainly looks like corrugated cardboard.

I can't see why this shouldn't be made with corrugated card, actually - I've sat and climbed on corrugated cardboard furniture that was plenty strong enough for the job even jointed with basic 90o angles, never mind complex honeycombing.

Anyhoo, whatever it's made of, it still looks cool.

the ribs on the inside are cardboard. its covered with fiberglass though. i have this issue of popsci.

this is soooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it (though I'll never make one...)