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High tech smoke signals Answered

Daniel Schulze is an industrial design student in Berlin who is working on a sweet smoke machine. The plan is to have a 7x7 grid of holes that shoot little clouds of smoke into the air. The smoke comes from a fog machine and is shot up in the air with drivers. Check out the video below to see a test of one row. The full setup will be shown next week at DMY Berlin.

A Modern Take on Smoke Signals: "For Those Who Can See"
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Walking into pictures here I come!!!!

Something about the sound it emits reminds me of something else....but I can't remember what it is.

Many mechanical production lines sound something like that, punching shapes out of raw materials and similar.

yes, but one specific thing sounded exactly like that, from my past experience....but it alludes me

Dude, if i did this id add lasers to make the smoke puffs much more visible... Just like one high powered diode and a bunch of mirrors should do the trick.

They could put different colored LED's under each of the smoke cannons; though the lasers would make a neat effect...

Any bright light would illuminate them, but the reflected glow off the "leaked" smoke might spoil the view.

That's true... but you'd get a light show =P

Just what I needed!

I can't wait until they get the super mario brothers song on it


8 years ago

That's cool. He was making a heart shape out of fog in the vid. I like the second picture, too. Looks like little aliens :D