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Hinged tray for kid's mobility scooter? Answered

I want to add a tray with a lip on it to a kid's mobility scooter so that he can get his own lunch from teh cafeteria. Also needs to fold down to be out of the way after lunch. Any geniuses out there willing to help come up with a design? Thanks!


Another option (besides Caitlinsdad's) would be to acquire a surplus/salvaged school desk with a foldaway surface. Remove that component and mount it to the scooter.

The basic design is two perpendicular hinge-posts: One of the allows the tray to swing upward, like opening a book; it should have two stops, one for the horizontal working position, and one for vertical. The second hinge swings the vertical tray along with the first post around and down alongside the seat.

Here's a link to a commercial product from Rascal. Humph....it looks exactly like the item Caitlinsdad posted, but $20 more expensive :-/

http://www.jazzy-electric-wheelchairs.com/The-MiniTray--T-2100.htm or maybe base it off of a folding airline seat tray that pivots back into the armrest.

I actually purchased one for my mother-in-law. It was actually quite large but heavy because of the thick clear plastic material. A masonite one or thinner plywood tray would have worked just as well. Good luck.