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Hit veiws in contest Answered

.Is it possible to again include the Hit totals in contest by again adding the 'VIEWS' Tab?
It would be so much easier...especially for some contest which have like 600++ entries!!
Then we could see the new and the old easily....else who is going to go and check the entries...18 by 18 by 18!!


"else who is going to go and check the entries...18 by 18 by 18!!"


The way I see it, sorting by views means that the voting becomes influenced by the opinion of others, especially if, say, a project gets picked up by another site with a high readership (I see instructables featured on BoingBoing, and even on the BBC), because that means that the views aren't even from people who *could* vote.

I'd rather base my vote on my own opinion of a project.

true...but wouldn't it be great if we have the option of viewing 50 projects per page??..much quicker. :-D

The button is not there anymore but that doesn't mean it doesn't work :p

Press the Recent button. It will take you to the following page:

Now in your address bar in your browser, edit it to look like this, then hit enter:

hey thanks...I went to my history and checked how the hit totals come out ...
it comes like this
It works! thanks

Much like when we removed the "sort by vote" option, the view sorting has been removed to try and eliminate a winner-take-all scenario - where people would vote/view the highest viewed projects. This approach aims to even out the field for all entries.

hmm...come to think of it it's... true....but then is it possible to at least to give us the option of viewing 50 entries per page....then going through the entries wouldn't be so difficult! :-D