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'Hollow' objects?

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thanks for this great course !

In the past i build a sardauscan. so now i got a new way to use it. I mounted a simple webcam ( Logitech C310). I use the rotating table to shoot 200+ pictures. Light conditions are not perfect, just expirimenting. Now all the object i scan have no backside and seem to be hollow. Is it possible to say what could cause this ? Would not expect a perfect object due light and not so high quality pictures. For this behavior i do not have a explenation.

thanks !

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MikaelaHolmes (author)2017-07-06

Hmm. In looking at your photos here, it seems like you have a sort of halo of light and some pretty strong shadows on the wall behind your object. When you are scanning by rotating your object, having variations in the background can really mess up the reconstruction. I'd suggest trying to light your object so the background appears completely blank with no shadows. Sometimes this is easier when you use a black background, and move your object farther away from the backdrop. Also make sure you are shooting over the top of your object to capture the details there. Let me know if you get any better results! :)