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Holy Toledo! Z2K9!!! Answered

Right, so this is a weird one: we're getting tons of reports—tons—about failing Zune 30s. Apparently, the players began freezing at about midnight last night, becoming totally unresponsive and practically useless.


It's true! My Zune gave me a picture of a battery with a sad face when I turned it on!


"They" speculate that it has something to do with the "leap second" this year.

It's like Y2K all over again! BUT WORSE.

Read the whole thing here, from Gizmodo.


aint zune just a player that plays whatever you upload to it ? why should it mind what the time is ? why does it need an internal clock at all ?

nope i have 2 chinese cheapies (cyber sound m5 and some untitled one) and none of them has a realtime clock and they do their work (cyber : mp3 + mic record / untitled : mp3 + mp4 + camera + mic record + txt file reader + micro sd slot) very well. they are simply built to work and not to be shiny and bloated

the zune is just a promo for the real thing if you like this kind of fun get windows !

i already have Windows! i like the style, it is highly supported by EVERYthing, and i know how to use it! cons: speed, crash rate, price, lagg

Your cons can be improved... goes the same for every OS if you know what you're doing.

improving cons..... oxymoronic

you could add more cons, but you can't improve them, since then they wouldn't be cons at all...

What I meant was, your "cons" can be fixed. For example, lag can be fixed by upgrading RAM or even just shutting some visual effects off.

My sandisk sansa crashed today... i don't know why tho...

whats that, I didnt hear you over my fully functioning iPod touch :P

you can feel the bass on the other floors my parents regret nothing :>)

testing cybersound m5 . . works testing some other untitled chinese player . . works testing amp . . works gonna shake some walls

the funny part is that my music isnt loud now if I were to turn it up, you could hear word for word outside

i have a 2X12 W + 10 W chip amplifiers and some speakers from tvs i found in the trash its not very powerfull but with high volume you can feel vibrations in the floor from the beats


it's the Y2k that did happen!

what's next? planes falling from skies? nukes deploying themselves? Rick Rolls streaming on national television?

planes no but fireworks yes new year striked here like 3 hours ago. in a village near us one of the fireworks they launched flew up and then down in an arc. it hit a building and started a fire what a nice present for the new year damn WinFireworks implemented in software !

lol, oh well what do you mean by village? it's only 5:18 in CA

few tens homes stuffed together here (north israel) there are lots of medium size villages and towns it was like 3:18am 2009 when you wrote this

*checks zen* AHAHAHA


9 years ago


Hahahahaha, re-read that ;-)

lol I noticed the typo but decided not to change it, out of interest to see if anyone would noticed. Therefore, you have won unmentionable prizes! :D