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Hi so I am looking for someone to create or send me to a bookshelf diy that will explain how to make my own "bookworm" the bookworm is a (expensive) display bookshelf that was designed by Kartell. I added some images and here is the link to the website that sells them:


Please and Thank You!

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caitlinsdad (author)2011-02-07

Take a large plastic trash can. Slice to create rings that are from 6 inches wide to 11 inches. Cut through one ring to create a flexible strip of pvc. Get bookend uprights/shelf dividers that have hooks or wire tabs on the bottom for securing on shelves. Use mirror mount clips, pipe clamps, or angle brackets to secure bookend/shelf dividers to the wall. Slide in the plastic shelf to shape. Voila, saved yourself 700 bucks to spend on more Lattes at the bookshop.

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