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Home Made AC for building/Workshop Answered

i was curious   what   if  i  put a 16 cubic ft. chest  freezer in  my  small work  building   and  filled  75 % fullof  water . once frozen i  could  install and  4 inch pvc pipe in  one side  and  then another in the opposite  side.  On days i would  be working in my shop  for   a few  hours   if i pushed air  through  the   pipe  and  recieved  cold  air  out the other side.   Wonder how long  this would work  or would  it  work  at all?





6 years ago

Well andy you dont say if you live in a humid jungle or in a dry desert
like me, where for very little electricity I use the evaporation of water to
cool my house air very effectively as you might..

Pump a little water over a fibrous window screen and place an exhaust
fan in another room window and cooling will occur if the water can


By the way, its 96 F outside, 74 inside and the garden is getting watered.

It would take several days to freeze, use a huge amount of electricity. It might provide some cooling but the air would be very humid and your tools would rust. Your wood would absorb moisture and wouldn't be dry enough for wood working anymore. A better bet would be to just buy a used a/c unit on Craig's list or somewhere and use that. It would be much more efficient.

Also, just thought of this it would make much more heat making the ice than it would cool.