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Home-made weapons series? Answered

I have for a few years now made my own home-made weapons knives, axes, bows and arrows, and the like. I had the thought recently about creating an instructables series on how to make all of these by hand. My question is how many of you out there would like to see something like this? Please leave a comment below just saying that you would. Or if you have a suggestion, question, or would like to send me a project of yours comment that too.

                                                           thanks guys,



5 years ago

It would actually be nice if there would be more firearms related intructables..
For instance diy firearms that go beyond the average .22 zip-gun-pen-shanky. I know there are some really detailed plans out there, for example the diy sten mk4 plans that you'd undoubtedly know are out there on the net.
But, ofcourse, I'd say that any 'weaponry-'ible' would be great!


6 years ago

Honestly you need to because soon those who can may need to make them.. Share your Knowledge. I am a survivalist I know how to make many things to survive almost any catastophy but in the end I know I can learn so much more!

alright thanks i think i will do them but it will be a while before i get them all up and running, you should expect to see four or five up when i am done so yall keep a lookout for them

I sure would.

Do the instructable and see how many views you get.