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Homeade Airsoft Pistol Slide (3D Design and Printing)? Answered

So I recently fell in love with the SRunion slide designs (http://srugbb.wix.com/showroom#!SR-18 PISTOL/zoom/c175r/i0py9) But obviously I don't wan't to buy something I can do myself and custom fit to my own gun. But that is the thing, how would I go about designing a slide to fit on my gun (ls m9 by black viper) The current slide is plastic but transparent so it is difficult to patch it together in 123d design. I don't have any software that you have to pay for, and I have access to a 3d printer... How would I go about doing it please? Thanks


You will have a hard time with 123D products, they more for simple stuff to look good but not for precision designs.

Give Sketchup a try, takes some getting used to when had 123 before but has much more options - and it is free.

I would first do some drawing by hand in different views to collect the measurements needed and do the rest with the program.

Thanks for your help, I have been looking into creating a basic shape that will fit before I start to do anything fancy. I find it quite difficult to work in sketchup with precise curves etc, but I guess it is my best bet. Thanks for your help, I am going to take about 100,000 measurements now, I'll get back to you soon if you want to know how it's going, Thanks again!

Also, I have tried before but without sucess, how can I save a sketchup file as an stl?


That should the trick.

As for curves and precise geometry...

Well it all depends on what you are used to, some prefer the Autocad product, others love 123 for the job (although there are more programs out there...).

Thing is that most programs are made to design within certain specification, Autocad is highly precise and offers a lot but it can be hard to use (there should be a free version available as well).

So far only 123 tried an approach of "see what you do" but at the lack of usablility for serious projects.

For some projects I actually use several programs to finnish, depending on what I need to do, sometimes I just use Blender for all, maybe you should look at Blender too for comparison and usability in your peoject?