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Hello again everybody, bwpatton1 here with another one of his strange Ideas..... not as dangerous this time. Well, we built a gameroom, and currently it has a 10000 BTU window unit, in the South Texas summer it has a hard time keeping up, it also uses 900watts, well 900watts by itself isnt bad but we have two of these b/c we have two floors. I was wondering if i could build an AC to help supplement the run times of these AC's. My idea was to get an old refrigerator (and keep it outside) and run copper tubing through the freezer and into the refrigerator area and out of the refrigerator. Then, run this copper tube to a copper coil with a blower fan. Sound good sofar? Then I would run the end of the tubing back to the top of the freezer, somewhere in there there would be an inline pump somewhere............ OH and the lines would be filled with water/antifreeze??? Does anybody think this would be efficient enough to build? Or am I just wasting my/your time Diagram- the thing to the left is the refrigerator, and the squiggles are copper coils, and the thing to the right is a blower/coil. You were supposed to be able to read the writing on the diagram but the camera wouldnt cooperate

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lemonie (author)2009-07-14

(I replied to this twice yesterday - both gone...)
Can you take the cooling loop out of the fridge?


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bwpatton1 (author)lemonie2009-09-25

Umm, well I dont have any way to recover to coolant in the fridge...

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lemonie (author)bwpatton12009-09-26

I meant to take the fridge apart, removing the walls and insulation so that what you are left with is just the cooling system. You put the radiator outside and the cold part inside (through a window or similar). This is essentially how AC units are, except that they have fans. L

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