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Homemade Aerogarden Answered

I think someone should make an instructable on how to make a homemade Aerogarden. I think this would be a fantastic add. I've heard that if you were to make your own and replace the light it uses with a High Pressure Sodium or High Intensity Discharge it would work a lot faster/better.

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lisalash (author)2008-12-27

Here is a website that has a 6 minute video on how to make an aerogarden. It does not have info on how to maintain. In other words how often how much water to use to upkeep, etc. Is anyone out there working on one of these homemade gardens? www.howtogardenguide.com/category/videos/

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Kiteman (author)2008-10-31

I had to google to find out what an aerogarden actually is.

I thnk there are already a few Instructables that could be tweaked to match this.

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