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Homemade Barbie Dollhouse and Furniture? Answered

My husband and I are making our daughter's a homemade Barbie doll house and all the furniture, etc to go in it. I was just wondering if anyone had done this before and if they had any suggestions or measurements?

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Chrystalkay (author)2011-12-07

I had a ball one year making one for my daughter. I made a two piece with flat hinges between. It closed and latched for moving, The frame was wood, three walls for each half, with open front. Wooden dowels on the front inside corners can be substituted for one of the walls if you want to. Front room, with bedroom above on one half, kitchen, with stairs and a bathroom above on the other half.
A yard mounted on a piece of wood fit into the 'L' formed by the open house and stored on the roof for moving. It was floored with a piece of fake grass from a floor mat, and had planters with styrofoam bedding, and small pieces of plastic plants from a hobby store. Moss was glued around them to cover the foam.
I found some cheap plastic barby furnature that got me thinking about a house in the first place. I wasn't happy with it but with material I transformed them into nice looking pieces. Then made a foot stool with square leather scraps sewn into a cube and stuffed with popcorn. A wooden knob turned upside down was perfect for a indoor tree stand.
Balsa wood from a craft shop , cut with and exacto knife, gave me planters for the garden, a refrigerator, stove, and counter and cabinets. small beads and screws made perfect door knobs, and if you know anyone who makes cars or planes from kits, have them save the frames that hold all the pieces. (you, know, the part they throw away after removing the parts from them. There you will find the right shapes to trim for water spouts, refrigerator and stove handles, etc.
Two squares of cheap linonieun tile gave me a kitchen floor, bathroom floor and countertop. The plastic covers for small crafting items or electronic items, when removed from their cardboard backing and trimmed, make bathtubs, sinks and shelves for your fridge. For a kitchen sink, cut a hole in your balsa counter and drop the 'sink' in. wait to tile top the counter until you do this, A tiny bead of plastic caulking around the sink and a wipe with a damp towel, and you have a perfect looking sink basin.
The local cloth shop has a scrap table that gave me drapes, sheets, furnature covering, and even sheers for the windows. Use the thinnest fabric possible so it will drape.
Drag out your old jewelry or check out swap meets and junk shops. A small broach back with a picture cut out of a mag, makes a great picture frame. And a picture of a clock face ( wrist watch ad) framed by a round broach back makes a nice wall clock.
Popsickle sticks when cut and pasted make wall book shelves, and wooden throwaway chopsticks make wonderful support colums for an open style book shelve or family entertainment center, with balsa wood shelves. Stiff wire can wake acceptable curtain rods, with small beads glued on the ends to keep the curtains and drapes on and give your wire hanging brackets something to keep the rods in place.
Powder puffs well washed and stuffed with a couple of cotton balls make great throw pillows for bed or floor. Thin cheap knapped velour fabric makes a warm bathroom throw rug for Barbies feet.
That's just a couple of ideas. Hope it helped!

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bseratt (author)2011-12-01

I believe that you are talking about 'balsa' wood....it's the real thin and lightweight wood used in children's wood crafting kits. The kind that makes rubberband powered airplanes and such.

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kylara70 (author)2009-08-08

I've seen furniture made out of plastic canvas. Cardboard is always a possibility. Thin wood would work as well. I am not sure what they call it but I am thinking of the little sheets of wood that come in the birdhouse kits or young carpenter kits where you can make little wooden toys. That would be easy to cut with a coping saw or scroll saw.

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kylara70 (author)iloveanimalsful2011-09-26

I am not sure if it is plywood or not. (I don;t think so) If you have ever seen the little building kits from Home Depot for kids or any of the kids building kits from the art department at Toys R Us or other department store you would know what I mean and maybe you can tell me what it is. :) It is not layers of wood, it is real, soft wood that is only 1/4 inch thick or so. It is very light weight and not good for building a play house for kids to play in but would work for furniture for a barbie house. I was hoping the OP would know what I was talking about. Sorry I can not be more helpful

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wuggly (author)kylara702011-10-11

we are just getting started to make a large house for our daughters barbies.I bought some wooden blinds very cheap and had to remove some slats.these are lovely mahogany coloured and I they will come in useful.so recycle what we can.

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vmcinteer (author)2011-09-27

Heavy cardboard is good, or the easy way is to buy bulk barbie and other furniture and reface it yourself by adding or changing fabric,paint,etc.
I'm in the process of doing a house for my grandkids,so I'm learning now also

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iloveanimalsful (author)2011-09-24

last week me and my daghter's maybel and alexis just made our first doll house their only five so we needed it to be sturdy and they have a older brother andrew whos 7 so he loves to mess around with their things. what you need to do is use ply wood, first use it and make a box then cut more wood to fit inside the box but dont make it exactly thye right size sothat the barbie can have a door thats easy to build.now make as many floors inside the box as you can so remember to make the box as big as you would like the house to be. now you have inside of the house done but not the roof you could add a roof but to make it easyer me and my girls didnt we made it into a balcony where the barbies could tan and camp, but put a ramp down the top sothat the children can walk the barbies up without the skill of making stairs. now that the house is done we can begin the harder things the furniture now many people say cardbourd but please dont i wouldnt cardbourd gets smashed or broke too easy wile this house is ment to last years.

Personalizing Pieces
A grandfather clock, desk, TV table and bookcases can be scaled down for Barbie. Size the pieces to the dollhouse rooms, measure, cut the wood, stain or paint it, and glue it together.

Kitchen Furniture
For kitchen furniture, think in terms of shapes. A table, chairs and hutch are basic shapes that only involve measuring, cutting, and attaching with glue. Cut a wood rectangle for a tabletop. Squares form chair seats with rectangles for the backs. Cut straight legs for the table and shorter ones for the chairs. Secure them with glue. Make the sides, shelves and bottom front door of the hutch with wood rectangles and glue them together. Painting or staining furniture adds a strengthening layer. Decorate with decals for fun.

Sofas and Chairs
Create a sofa with two wooden rectangles, one forming the seat, the other gently rounded across the top to form the sofa back. Cushion one side of each piece with foam. Fold fabric over it, gluing it in place. Cut square wooden sofa arms, cover them with foam and fabric, and glue them to the ends of the seat. To attach the back to the seat, cut off the end of a straight pin. Press the pin into each piece to attach it. Four straight rectangles glued underneath create sofa legs. Matching chairs can be made half as long as the sofa.

Bedroom Furniture
use a rectangle and two smaller for the bed and headboards and use tin foil for miors. and add things from other rooms.

now just use fabrics with bright coulers to use for the chairs, couches, bedding e.c.t this is an easy job.

this next step is to go online and in google type wallpaper and floor and you can find some to put in your dollhouse or you can paint it althogh pappering it is an easyer choice. also much faster.

lastly put everything in and away get a barbie or two grab the kid and have fun.

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miniaturizer (author)2010-04-25

I'm in the miniatures business, though I don't do or sell Barbie scale. I can tell you though, that Barbie furniture is what's known in the business as 1/6 scale meaning that it's 1' in real life size = 2" in Barbie size. A real sized sofa might be 6 feet long. Translated to Barbie size, that's a 12 inch long sofa.

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AnneNopper (author)2009-07-11

I have a instructable Barbie Dollhouse (cardboard). Perhaps help...
You can make it in other material. My advice is: use any plan home and transform the meassures.
Supose that Barbie doll like a real person (with 85')
and replace the measures by using :
x = bXc/a
x is real lady measure
b is a Barbie measure
c is a real measure in plan house
and x is a proportional measure



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Denger (author)AnneNopper2010-02-22

This looks like a good formula to use, but I am not sure I understand it.

Can you please clarify, in your formula x = b · c/a  what do a and x represent?

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EmmettCullenrocks (author)2009-06-22

u can cut out cardbord for furniture

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