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Homemade Custom Instruments? Answered

Ok, I have a question. If my friend and I began to build unique cigar box, tin, and slide guitars, would people buy them? We would make them with much more craftsmenship than the ones I have previously build. We would take our time and do our best to make them playable guitars. Would anyone out there contemplate buying one for mabe $35-$50?

They would be  similar to the links below.






Also, we would probably sell through craigslist or ebay, maybe even using youtube or instructables to get the word out. If you are interested, contact me because we will be making these plus other products.


you could set up a store front with
they have lots of hand made unique stuff.

I think that depends on how you present them. First of all, musicians would want to hear how they sound. The first link contains a video where the image quality is superb but the sound is horribly bad. Remember, musicians most likely have proper speakers, and something that sounds like youtube will scare them off right away.

Find out how to record this guitar properly, and post it on a website with better audio quality than youtube. Make sure we hear it both clean (line-in into a good soundcard, no effects at all), and effected (various degrees of overdrive into a guitar amp, then mic that amp up with a dynamic mic like the Shure SM-57 or an Electrovoice 635A.)

Hearing is believing!

I can't. Imagine that they would be bought by anyone except. Those who handled and heard them. Music stores and craft shoes wound. Be the way to market