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Homemade Dr. Who Props Answered

How come it seems like there aren't to many homemade Dr. Who props on the net?


check out horus1984

Im not looking for exact homemade replicas. I would just like to see more Dr. Who inspired original creations, like the steampunk sonic screwdriver that's on this site. And why does the BBC have to have a stick up their butts about people recreating Dr. Who stuff. Man, almost makes ashamed of being British.

As I underdstand it, it's the BBC's income.

The TV licence doesn't cover all their costs, so they need to generate income by selling programmes abroad (which is why they block iPlayer to non-UK viewers) and from the licensing of merchandise.

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If you search specific you can find these things:
(! Kiteman: sheds!)


Stretching the word "shed" a bit, but still great. L

The thing that gets me is that I know there is a big Dr. Who fan base out there but whenever i do a search for Dr. Who inspired props and such. I only get this site and Indymogul.

It's nerves - he BBC has been known to wield it's legal division like a blunt instrument when fans post projects to reproduce props. There was, for instance, a massive furore when somebody created a knitting pattern for Adipose and got stomped all over by the Beeb.

What in particular are you interested in? L