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Homemade Pressure Washer Answered

Hey guys,
I had a lawnmower which broke at the blades, so I thought I'd turn it into a pressure washer. So  I welded up a frame from a old hand trolley and bolted on the engine. While I was looking around for a pump I realized that the engines made for pressure washers cannot be used for mowers. Is this the case the other way round?, Will a pump work on this engine? I'm 100% sure one will fit. Has anyone ever attempted/done this conversion?
Thanks in advance!!

Engine- Briggs n Stratton 550 vertical shaft from mower
Pump- http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PRESSURE-WASHER-PUMP-FITS-TOO-MANY-MODELS-LIST-/320557340892?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aa2b4d8dc 


It should be possible to hook up a pump to a mower engine. The best thing to do would probably be to look in some tool catalogues and see what sort of pump is used.

Chances are, the mower engine is designed to only run the right way up, so you need to find a pump that will run it the same orientation.

You might be able to get away with the pump out of a dead electric washer, although trying to start the engine with the extra load could be difficult.

Just an extremely belated follow up! I finished the pressure cleaner and was very proud of it. As dmorrill22/Doug said, it is abit difficult to start up without a heavy flywheel/blades. The pump from ebay bolted straight on and all it needed was a key for the keyways, which also lined up. I would like to add that this project is only really economical when using parts you already have as petrol pressure washers are alot more affordable nowadays.


mowers can run fine on there sides, just not upside down, but youll need to re-orientate some of its components, such as the fuel tank, which will has no seal on it to prevent liquids from passing through it, and depending on the type of lawnmower, the engine might not get oiled either so you may need 2 stroke or 4 stroke mixed with your fuel just in case. large amounts of white smoke in the exhaust will mean that oil has found its way there. if not, it should be fine

hi there ive got a sit on lawn mover 5 hp can i make a pressure washer

Yes motor turns the pump. The most you would probably want to hook to a 5hp engine would be 2700psi. They cost about $70 on ebay, then you'd have to buy the hose, trigger, lance and tips. Not to mention the cart. My advice is sell what you have for $100 or more if it works, and buy a used working PW for $150 that has all the hoses, tips, wands, etc.

I have one caution for you:

That mower engine is likely not going to run without a new "heavy" flywheel. Mower engines generally have smaller, lighter flywheels because with the blade on, it acts as a flywheel itself. You may hurt yourself trying to start it without the blade on.

It also may run, but roughly.

Good Luck,

Why would you want to do it though it would be a lot of work for a low quality end result you should just buy a good pressure washer for 100 quid

The only thing I'd be careful with is how powerful the motor is compared to the better pressure washers out there, especially if you (or someone here) has well water: you can literally be sucking water faster than the pump or city water pressure is capable of providing. So I would invest in a cheap water pressure meter to hook up to your spigot and see what's coming out in terms of PSI.

Of course the preceding answers are also part of the entire picture. Hope this helps!


7 years ago

Older Black and Decker pressure washers use vertical axis Honda motors, so I'm sure that you can find a pump that will work. In fact, the pump on the vertical axis pressure washer where I work just gave out, and I found a new one for $275. In my experience, the pumps usually wear out far before the engines do, so good luck finding a used/salvaged one. A rebuild kit for the pump in question was still $175.

You can hook up a pump, by means of pulleys or gearing to most any engine/motor. 2 Stroke engines won't have the power a 4 stroke would BUT one nice thing is that, without the need for an oil resevoir (the oil is in the gas), it can run in nearly any postition, as long as you can "pump" the gas into the cylandars...if it uses an old carborator....good luck with that.