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Homemade Vinyl Record Cutting Answered

I've always loved recording my music onto computers or cassettes and it's always been a little dream of mine to put one or two of them onto a homemade vinyl record. Obviously this would be very lo-fi but it seems like it'd still be a fun project. Anyone know if this is possible or if they've done something similar? Way I would think it could be done is to reverse the wiring in side a record player into a microphone of some sort and replace the needle with a razor blade with a blank sheet of the certain type of vinyl?



I'm very serious about the puchase

my email biggieruth@gmail.com looking for a machine


3 years ago

Vestax vrx2000 vinyl cutter for sale.. Uk only .. Immaculate condition, barely used..£2300

I know there are not too many alternatives left but the Vestax, but anyone wanting to get one should read up on their usual problems.

I got one (hired) a few years back and was not a happy camper.

During the first "cut" one of the cables on the cutting needle became loose and I lost the first recording this way.

A few later I could get it again (repaired) but again the recording was useless due to static noise created by the cutter.

After this repair was fixed I was told there was a problem with the motor that caused the noise and offered 3 blank vinyls for compensation.

I said thanks but no thanks...

Don't get me wrong, the Vestax is a great lathe once and if working properly but they do require a lot of love to keep working good.

This was quite a few years back and getting vinyl is now also a hard task.

I read about a project where people wanted to create a cutter using acrylic disks instead of the vinyl but it was abandoned due to a lack of interest.

Being a big community here it might an idea to create a group to work on low cost machine to build at home?

Any sell SELL A VESTAX VRX-2000?


Any sell SELL A VESTAX VRX-2000?


hello Ben & peaceful year be with you yes i am 1000% interested i have been looking for one for years if you still got it how much? hope hear from you soon




3 years ago

hi I have a vestax vrx2000 cutter for sale, immaculate condition.. Anyone interested?

Hey Ben! I am interested in the Vestax cutter! Do you still have this available? If so, how much are you asking? Thanks!


EMAIL ADDRESS: tropicaondabeach@gmail.com



Hello Guys, I would like to speak with Mr 'junes' or anyone who has a Vestax VRX 2000. We have a record cutting unit and would like to compare the cutting quality of the VRX 2000 against our cuts using PVC. Any owners of the VRX-2000, please mail us at platterrecords@hotmail.com as we would very much like to hear form you. Cheers. Scoobs.

You need to post a comment in reply to his comment (ie, hit the reply button, just as i have here), or he will not know you have replied.

Alternatively,. click on his user name, then click on "Private Message", and you can contact him directly.

FOUND IT! for vinyl recording without master templates, this person has created a recorder that uses a speaker joined needle, wax disks, and a hose connected to a vacuum cleaner to suck up the cuttings,
it has links to next step up the top,
http://gieskes.nl/gramophonerecorder/ bottom of this page has pictures of it.
hope its what your looking for.

I have a Vestax VRX 2000 vinyl cutter that I am selling that you might be interested in. I have about 35 vinyl blanks. Shortly after purchasing the cutter, vestax discontinued the product. I went to a one day training class, but you could easily figure out how to work the machine just by following the owner's manual. Even though, I bought the machine for close to $10,000.00, I am taking the best offer as it just sits in my band practice/recording room. I am older now and I am not into this anymore. I need the space, too. Here's is a link to some info on the cutter.


*Records in real time from any external sound source fed through either a power amp or mixer, by cutting onto special Vestax vinyl blanks at speeds of 33 1/3 and 45 rpm.

*Cut at 33 1/3, each vinyl blank has a total playing time of between 26 and 30 minutes.

*Recorded properly, the superb sound and individual warmth of each take/track is more than durable enough to handle repeated playing and even scratching.

*Each production is able to be played back instantly through the onboard ASTS tone-arm.

* VCH-1: VRX-2000 Cutting Head in protective wooden box with high end sapphire cutting stylus.
* VRX-2000 Tool kit with all the implements you need to make perfect recordings.

Hi Junes,
Do you still have the vinyl cutting machine? If not, who did you sell it to? I would like to know more about your experiences with the VRX 2000. I have a Swiss cutter and are getting some great results. Mail me at platterrecords@hotmail.com


Hi Junes, I am interested in the Vestax vrx 2000. Me and my friends from the fab academy in Providence RI, would like to experiment with it and maybe try to make an open source/DIY clone of it. We have $ 500 to offer. I know this is not much, but this is what we have. Thanks, Romain

Hi Romain,
Thanks for your reply. I was hoping for at least $1,000. Let me know if you are still interested as I am willing to work something out.

Hi Junes
If Romains' offer falls through, I would be very interested in buying this for $1,000.
Keep me posted.

Hi Vinylj,

i'll keep you posted on it and hopefully be able to let you know either way soon.

thanks for your interest

No problem, no rush.
Fast question, any ideal on where to purchase additional blank vinyls?

Hi vinylj,

I have not kept up to date on current suppliers. I have a few names and emails of people who have offered and sold the blanks to me in the past.
Please shoot me an email, so we can discuss further.



Hi Junes
Sorry for the delay, is this still available?

Hi Vinyj,

just checking...Are you still interested ?


Hi Junes, Thanks for your answer. We are still interested in your Vestax. I spoke about it with my colleague and we can go up to 750-800 $. Do you think we can make the deal ? Thanks ! Romain.

Hi Romain,
Let me know if you are able to make another offer by tomorrow evening at the latest. Otherwise, I will accept the offer from vinylj.
Thanks for your interest

Junes, please contact me at : romaindivozzo@hotmail.com. Thanks. R.

Hi Romain,
id be happy to discuss anything further. i just sent you an email.

HI Junes,

I can buy the Vestax for the price you announced.I have a few things to verify before to confirm you i'll buy it. I still very interested in getting it.
We should also talk about it per e-mail. Romain.

Hey, I'm new to this sort of thing but let me know if you sold it or not. I could probably get you more than that ($1500?) so if you didn't sell it let me know cos I'm pretty keen.

hi michael here can you send some photos of your vestax vrx 2000cutter to my email address thanks ps i got your email thanks

do you still have it for sale im am willing to pay my email address is holden.mat@live.com.au my phone num is0458072269

Hello Junes
I'd like to check into more details with you about your machine. Could you contact me at lerobot @ cheerful . com (all together). Thanks

Gah, if I had money I would take you up on the offer as I still would love to persue the idea, sadly I do not. What would be the craziest low you would be willing to take for the machine though? Pretty much can't afford anything over 100$...


5 years ago

Here's a picture


Sellit, I am interested in this record cutter. Would you accept $250 for this item? How heavy is this item, and where are you shipping from?


5 years ago

I have a Federal Recorder cutting machine. Powers up, but that's about all I know about it. My son purchased it at an auction. It was in a very large lot of fishing stuff.... Anyway, I don't know anything about it, just wondering its value and if anyone is interested in this cutter. I have not found a serial number or anything on it. It says Federal Recorder - Chicago. Thanks for any help you can give!


5 years ago

I have a Federal Recorder cutting machine. Powers up, but that's about all I know about it. My son purchased it at an auction. It was in a very large lot of fishing stuff.... Anyway, I don't know anything about it, just wondering its value and if anyone is interested in this cutter. I have not found a serial number or anything on it. It says Federal Recorder - Chicago. Thanks for any help you can give!

Has anyone got a cutting machine for sale?

I am looking for a Vestax VRX 2000 or something very similar. I live in the UK but would be more than happy and prepared to import one from abroad. Cheers.

there is also something called the kingston dubplate cutter. i dont know if its still available though


5 years ago

junes..im interested in the vinyl cutter...therealencyte@gmail..hit me up..

I tried making my own lathe for a long time, and gave up due to lack of mechanical knowledge, but it CAN be done, my friend did it (and then after getting a taste of extremely low fidelity success, quickly bought an actual lathe...)

However, the whole silicon mold idea works pretty well as long as you don't live in a super humid area. You will be surprised at how good the plastic dub sounds if you can keep the air bubbles out.

If people want to try that, I have several record lathes and would be willing to cut some one off records for people to use as masters for a small fee plus material costs. You can contact me through www.PIAPTK.com. Thanks! Mike.

If you're just looking to cut a record for novelty value, you might look at http://www.makershed.com/product_p/mkgk28.htm It should be modifiable for electronic input and output relatively easily.