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Homemade airsoft sniper (need help on Piston) Answered

Hey all :) , first of all , i dono if this is the right place to post this but , meh , tell me if its the wrong section...

Guys , i need help on making a Piston with its cylinder . i have no idea what parts i should use ,
i thought of cans but most of them has a bend at the end...

if u dont know what a piston is  , then here you go...

and dont tell me to buy an airsoft sniper , they dont sell any here in bahrain -.-...

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killlerchicken (author)2010-05-24

I haven't actually done this, but I think you could make the cylinder out of PVC pipe. Take a shorter amount of the pipe (same diameter) and lubricate the inside. Squeeze hot glue into the pipe until you have the thickness of the piston that you want and let it dry. The hot glue should slide easily out of the pipe when finished drying. Lubricate the inside of the pipe that you're using for the cylinder and when the glue-piston is inserted it should be basically airtight. Attach it to a sprink and viola!

.. it's just a theory I haven't tried it. I'm making one, and I'm debating on whether or nor to have the piston spring powered or have it attached to the string of a crossbow. I think the crossbow would be more powerful but harder to cock.

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airsoft1017 (author)2010-03-22

Thats about right you also nee a slit on the bottom for your coking teeth to grab the piston

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