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Homemade breast pump / milk pump? Answered

Hello i want to induce lactation and I cant find good a breast pump at the right price does anyone have any idea how to build one please let me know I dont need an electrical one it could be manual does anyone have an idea what to use for the suction cups on the breasts? thank you

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onrust (author)2010-07-18

The Department of Economic Services will give you one as well as vouchers for milk....... provided YOU are breast feeding.

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Prfesser (author)2010-07-17

A plastic soda bottle top (500 mL through 3 L, depending on the size of the pumpee). Round the cut edges using the flame of a propane torch. Use the bulb from a turkey baster, it should fit smaller bottle tops.

Check with the local La Leche League!  They may be able to hook you up with someone who has a pump and no longer needs it.

Ebay has manual pumps for $10 or even less, plus shipping.  Definitely preferable to homemade.

Good luck!

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