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Homemade shop urinal? Answered

Any plumbers out there? I know that to some this sounds pretty gross, but I would like some ideas on how this might be done. I am not aware of all of the possible pipe fittings and combinations and ways of hooking things up. I have a homemade "sink" that I made out of one of those plastic storage containers and I have a hose bib as my faucet. As a side note, anyone know of an affordable but efficient "on demand" water heater, for the purpose of washing various shop related things? Anyway, I was thinking that there might be a way to maybe put a 45 degree fitting below the drain and run it out to a point to where it would be easily accessible. I would think that just running the water down the drain would sort of clean the pipe, and I would just have to maybe fill a cup with water and pour it down the 45 after using it to clean that part out. Meant to mention that I'm a man. I'm sure that's a useful piece of information! Also, meant to say that I have the pipe drain going down through the floor of the shop. It's then connected to a 90 and it runs the length of the building underneath the ground. I had drilled holes every inch or so along that whole length so that some of the water etc goes out all along that length and seeps into the ground and not just all the way to the end. Thanks for any ideas.


Long story short:

My exwife when Pregnant in hospital was required to provide a Urine sample. After testing the consultant doctor tipped the sample into the hand basin near the bed. My Wife complained. he said:

"My dear, unless you have a urinary infection, you haven't, then human Urine is more or less sterile"


What I do know is if you allow it to accumulate it WILL SMELL.

Why not collect in a container and then dispose in a regular toilet or sewer.

That's what Caravanner's do. If your concerned about hygine or the smell add Jeyes fluid or similiar disinfectant to the container.

It take a LONG time to fill a 5 gallon container.

At heart, a urinal is really just a large funnel - the size you need use depends on your skill at aiming and personal flow rates.

If this is purely for personal use*, your rinsing techniques sound OK, but what you must have, though, is some form of U-bend** between the urinal and the waste pipe - water trapped in the bend prevent smells and small beasties returning from the sewers to your workshop.

(* If your workshop is a commercial enterprise, or connected to a dwelling, there will be local rules that govern the types of urinal and the rinsing systems that can be used.)

(** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trap_%28plumbing%29 )

Hey thanks for your timely response and info. The "waste" pipe is just going into the ground underneath my shop that is just out in my backyard, well away from any other homes. I appreciate the suggestion about the bend. I had forgot all about that and I will probably put that into the design. Thanks again!

Regardless of local ordinance, the way you want to use it is almost a guarantor that you'll eventually biologically contaminate the water table, quite possibly permanently.

Thanks for your answer, but, with respect, how would my urinating be any different than any animals urinating out there on the ground? How is my urine likely to "contaminate" but animals urine is not considered to contaminate?

We had a female who would squat in our green grass garden and totally turn a 10 cm round patch dead gray.

BTW she was a yellow long hair.



You needed to work with her to refine her aim, Just the weeds. A completly organic weed killer that never runs dry.

A good thought, but we HAD her until she passed.

I did try to train a goat for weeding between furrowed planting using a mini video camera mounted on the horns to let me administer small tail electric shocks for wrong choices. Never found a suitable reward.

Consult your local regulations here. Dumping urine like that out the back of your house is vary likely illegal. Also you will need a vent pipe otherwise the liquids will not flow.

Thank you for your answer, but I must not have done a very good job at describing my situation. My workshop is just a 12'x16' building way out in the back of my back yard, well away from other homes, and I said nothing about "dumping" urine. The shop has a homemade sink in it which has a drain that's going through the shop floor, and into the ground underneath the shop. I don't see that it would be any different than when someone would have to go in the woods. I'm in a rural area, I have a septic tank,(I'm not connecting to it, just mentioned it because I believe it conveys that this setup is somewhat similar in that the "grey" water and urine would go out the drain and seep into the dirt under the building) and water table is no where near this being an issue. Thank you again for your answer though.

Human disease is a particular problem in humans, due to its high transmissivity, whereas most animal disease isn't communicable to humans, although no doubt, a water source contaminated by a communicable animal disease will render a given water source undrinkable as well.


3 years ago

And another thought :

I would not recommend draining the water under your building. That could cause you all kinds of problems. The moisture could seep up through the floor and make wet spots inside. The water can create a sinkhole and cause the floor to crack and portions to sink. My well did this once. The water line coming off the pit-less adapter developed a small hole. One would think that would not be a problem but it ate away the soil from around the casing. I still wonder where all the dirt went but it really went. There was a small crust of frozen dirt about 2 inches thick and under it a hole six feet deep. So that could cause you problems.

The soil will not dry up under the floor and will be perpetually wet. This can cause corrosion of anything there. it would also cause nearby trees to send roots into it to get at the water. The roots will eventually cause the soil to expand and crack and heave the floor. Finally, it will be prone to freezing and breaking the floor up from the frost heave. I have also seen this happen first hand. So, lots of reasons not to run a drain under your building. Make a dry well pit and it will take care of everything and make your life a lot better in the end.


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plant some nice leafy bushes in a small U shape and every now a then you can water them (when they get big enough to make a screen). Lots simpler than plumbing and more effective at processing waste materials. Also not generally against ordannances as long as its not overused and not visible.

A much more complicated solution is to make a "dry well". These are usually made to get rid of run off water from things like gutters. You dig a large deep hole that can fit a drum. Place a perforated drum in the hole (plastic will last longer) and fill it part way with rocks and bricks and stuff. Add a cover with a drain line going to it. The water will fill up the drum and slowly drain into the surrounding soil. It is like a drain field in some ways but not usually intended for anything other than "gray" water like that from a washing machine. You have to make sure that its drainage will not seep into foundations and such. It would not be considered approved for sewage disposal so it would be up to you as to what you whould call it.

build a waterproof pad outside, put a couple of bales of straw on it, and arrange your pipes so that you spray urine into the straw. Repeated dousing puts thenitrogen from the urine into the resulting compost.