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Homemade skate / mountainboard trucks? Answered

Does anyone have any ideas how I could make something that resembles a skateboard or mountainboard truck at home? I want to build my own motorised mountainboard from various parts on the very cheap, of which none will actually be from a board. The trucks seem like the one thing I might have to buy since I can't think of a way to add turning and carving capability to a homemade board. Any ideas would be most appreciated.


Getting a mountainboard for parts is relatively easy, a good way is to buy a used model from Amazon, guys in UK tend to sell them a lot. Even if they are set only to ship inside UK, you can just send a notice and tell them that you will pay the shipping extra to where ever you live. Worked for me. Another thing is building a motorized one for cheap. This is an equation that doesn't add up. Unless you have special personal contacts, there is no way to aquire enough Lithium Ion batteries for less than $150. The motors themselves (I assume you will have two) will cost another $100 if you get the very best deals. The ESC to handle enough current will then be yet another $120, usually from alienpowersystems.com. On top of this come all the many smaller things like wirings, RC-controller, power transmission, the mountings for power transmission and the associated costs of welding or machining. I'd say you will not survive with less than $600, but $800 will give you lots of headspace to move around. Here are some links to relatively cheap suppliers:

What are you goin to do is to look at this picture
As you can see it is all about ANGLES-how much angled is your truck.
In a couple days i'm goin to make this! It will work,trust me...i'm goin to show you results,if i don't forget...
Now,do You have Cinema 4D? You do? Please download this,and see my 3D poject,it's truck,and if you want to make your own,look at the parts of 3D project...
Now,see the video:
And please see this video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_W1G0pcQ18&feature=related on YT
This guy will shiw you patrs of longboard truck,whitch can be used to make MOUNTAINBOARD truck,the same thing,truck,just mountain truck would be much stronger... :)
That's all
Hope i help :)

i have tried building trucks
but it didn't work
i couldn't go left and right
so if someone tried that and it worked for him
please give us the principle

it's almost impossible to get any where in australia trying to get a mountain board and even motorize it and so building one is the only option ..the above home made boards look good enough to try and simple .http:sites.google.com/site/skeatesy

I dunno. If you could fabricate your own that'd be good, but it would take some serious tools/skills. It kinda depends how much "error" you can stand if you go the "trial and error" route. You'll basically be re-inventing a tried and true technology. I'll ponder it a little, but you'd probably do best to just buy a set, or seriously modify a set from an old freestyle board.

Ok, if you affixed axles with a limited amount of pivot to the end of a fairly flexible leaf spring, then MAYBE. But I'm still thinking you'd be better off to buy them.

This is a homemade mountain board I saw online used for kiteboarding. The axle is mounted on two bushes between two plates so will pivot side to side, but I don't know if they will actually turn. The idea seems simple enough, but I can't figure out if leaning will actually make you turn. Maybe I'll have to get my wallet out, all the money in there is making it look untidy...


If you'll notice, there is an angle bent into the "gooseneck" that is attached to the board. The angle is where the magic happens. When the board tips, the magic angle actually forces the two wheels on the turning side to get closer together and the wheels opposite further apart. Check out the design process this guy has explained. http://www.benarent.co.uk/portfolio/potential_atb/potential_atb.php

It's funny. I "invented" the mountain-board back in '87. Everybody thought I was nuts. Now it's a real sport! I don't know when this kind of board was really invented, but maybe if I can find that one old picture of it (and me as a 16 year old) then I can prove it was "my" idea.

you can make trucks like channel trucks just with some steel if u are able to weld. if u want more info and pics let me kno

Im just finishing off a mountain board which i built for a school project it turned out okay, i used layers of birch ply(maple is better) and just layered them up with some caskamite to bond them then bunged it in a vac bag on a mould id pre made and left it, worked great, if you can give that a go. In terms of trucks i just bought a second hand board from ebay, i could have made them i think the easiest and most likely to work ones would be a nosno type but for 20 quid for a board and trucks its not really worth making them.

Note that the pivot bolt has to be angled so that the axle rotates in the same plane as the ground and in the plane perpendicular to the ground and the denter of the board (it's why the ends of the board are curved upward)

These are all really useful links. Thanks for finding them, I hadn't seen the other two before.


9 years ago

Any ideas at all please for a board mounted steering system?

well i desighned 1 a few years ago but it was to complecated for me to build in my garage, also is hard to explain. the basic idea is to turn the lean of the board into a turn of the wheels via a linkage to a fixed point at the center of the board.