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Homemade tattoo gun and tattoo? Answered

hi, well i've researched a bit about homemade tattoo guns and that stuff, and I sudenly remembered that my brother has a Crayola Cutter (just like the one below LOOK FOR IT IN YOUTUBE SO YOU CAN SEE IT WORKING) and I have some Asian ink I think (the bottle is in spanish so it says "TINTA CHINA" so I thinkk it is the same stuff. well, I but some alcohol in a little part of my leg so I could try making a little dot with te cutter and the ink, and for my surpise, it didnt hurt that much and a little black dot remained in my leg
I really want some recomendations of people that might already made their own tattoos, plus, i need ALL the information about this, I mean, care, what should I do if I decide to make a small tattoo in my leg, all of that stuff
everything you know about this will be so helpfull

and, should I do it with the crayola cutter and that ink???


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ameyer10 (author)2012-06-15

Here's a way to make the cutter a better tattoo gun:
Step 1: open up the platic shell of the handheld part
Step 2: replace the tip that cuts with a thin sowing needle wrapped in thread. This will make the tattoo alot less painful, and the thread will absorb ink so you don't have to keep dipping the needle in the ink every 2 seconds.

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invincible airsoft (author)2012-04-21

care: use rubbing alcohol to prep the area and to clean it afterwards. disinfect the needle before using it. have saran wrap(plastic wrap) and some tape to keep the tattooed area clean afterwards.

process: 1. clean area with rubbing/disinfecting alcohol. 2. disinfect the needle. 3. disinfect needle again, just to be sure. 4. dip the needle in ink(make sure needle is NOT moving, or ink will go everywhere). 5. after your done, disinfect the area with rubbing alcohol again. WILL BURN LIKE HE11! 6. cover area with saran wrap and tape off to prevent it from infection.

wish you luck with your tattoo and i hate to sound like everyone else, but be sure you won't regret the tattoo later in life. make the tattoo something meaningful to you, like your D.O.B. (date of birth; MM/DD/YYYY)

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