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Homepage photos Answered

What's happened to the giant authors photos that used to appear on the homepage?
Last time I saw them was a couple of days ago. What I see now is a big gray rectangle with a smaller contest banner in it (it changes everytime I refresh the page).
Is this normal?

If this is the way it should be, I apologize for posting this in the "Bugs" section!

ps: I preferred the homepage with the moving photos! :)


If you have any sort of adblock installed, it's blocking the rotater because it contains as ad for Craftsman. Here's a screenshot from safari showing how it should be:

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.43.54 PM.png

I had to disable ad blocking on the instructables.com domain in Chrome and Firefox last night when I realized what was happening. :P

Thank you Jessy, I will keep it in mind in case this happens again!
I haven't disabled anything yet but it's working for me tonight...I think everything is alright now! :)

anyway in Explorer it works right, I used Chrome...

It's not like it used to be but it seems to be working now (even with Chrome).

I usually see only the grey bar in last days, and sometimes appears a contest image...
Yeah Bug is right I just came here to point at the same bug, but you came first ;-)

I see that as well.

("Bugs" is the right place.)