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Homework Excuses thet will be the Talk of the Teachers Lounge Answered

When you forget your homework, it's nice to add some humor to the situation and make the teacher laugh (hopefully).  Here are some excuses I came up with:

"It fell into the Twilight Zone!"

"My Chicken was in my room while I was doing it, and his diaper fell off.  I figured you didn't want it in the classroom, so I saved everyone the drama and chucked it in the chicken coup for them to enjoy.  Your welcome, by the way."

"Well, just as I was finishing, I heard a 'er-er-reh-ah', and my paper turned into o paper figure.  Then there was a 'er-er-er-ee', and it transformed into a paper airplane and flew out the window!  The last thing I saw was a Decepticon insignia on the back.  I'd watch out.  It's a new era of Decepticons!"

"My cat ate it, horked it up, and told me to clean it up.  I've got it in a plastic baggy, if you still want it."

"Four penguins came into my room, took it, and told me they needed it for a top secret mission.  The leader told me 'You didn't see anything!'.  I assure you, it's being put to good use."

"I was doing this outside, when this little green block-thing came up, looked at me, screamed, then blew up.  It's all ash now, so it's useless, so, I drew a picture of a creeper instead!"

"Homework doesn't exist in my dimension."

"Megatron stole it!  I'm telling you, I wasn't going to NOT give it to him!  He had a blaster in my face and everything!  I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what happened, so I absolutely had NO time left for re-doing it."

"I lost it in a mine.  If you want to find it, the world name is 'Procrastination'."

"The neighborhood dog chased me, took the homework in his jaws, and told me 'This ain't over!'  I cannot tell you why he said that, because that is my bussiness."

"I ate it.  It was bland until I added barbeque sauce."

"Harry Potter turned it into a toad!  I yelled at him to turn it back, but he turned it into $1 million, and I am NOT giving it to you now!"

"The TV hypnotized me into thinking it was a rabid squirrel, so I ended up smacking it into oblivion."

"Function error; please define 'homework', or reboot."

Please check out TheOneAndOnlyMissingNo.'s instructable on fake Windows XP error messages:

Its a lot of fun to make, and printing them and giving them to your teacher would be funny as well.

NOTE: Realizing now that it might insult the teacher (Thanks, Kiteman), if you DO use one of these, just come clean at the end, smile, and Say "Yes, I forgot to do it.  It won't happen again."


when there will be no excuse, catch hold of your grandpa to do the home work... My niece sleeps while my father does the home work for her

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The excuse I used every time and actually worked is ''My pens ran out, My sister broke my pencils and my computer crashed.'' All my teachers actually believed me!

"You'll never guess the ridiculous excuse that kid who thinks he's a robot tried on me today - I was so insulted that he thought I would fall for it, I doubled his detention!"

(Trust me, I know.)

My favorite, which I never had the courage to use (the HS attendance officer had no sense of humor), was from an episode of "Grounded for Life". The dad had the kids miss school in order to go to a Ramones concert, which he felt was an important cultural event.

I actually had to write notes to my son's 3rd grade & 7th grade teachers, attached to the remnants of homework our paper-shredding cat ate. The 3rd grade teacher was okay with it, the 7th grade teacher was already mad at him, so she gave him a zero (the price of too many lost for no reason homeworks).