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Honda NSR 500 engine Answered

i am looking to build a race bike and i want to use a Honda nsr 500 V4 engine for its pure power but i am having hard times finding that engine can someone help me please?


Unfortunately these engines are purely race spec engines and as far as i know there are only 7 in existance. 2 of them are with mick doohan and is collected NSR 500's. there are 3 that are with honda and there are 2 out there. if you wanted to buy one honda will sell you 1 of the three for about $250,000. But you can get a replica engine which is also very expensive costing around $80,000 to $100,000 to make. im sorry man but its very very hard to get one. i want one to but i know that unles im a millionare i wont get one


7 years ago

You won't find one- the NSR500 engine is older than me and any road examples will have been thrashed to death, crashed long ago or be meticulously preserved collectors items. If you open out your requirements to any small/midweight sports bike engine, you'd probably have much better luck: Ninja, Bandit, CBR and GSXR 600s are ubiquitous and you can probably find a crashed one in a scrapyard without nearly as much trouble as finding a working, antique race engine.

You could perhaps go super-lightweight and use an old DT125 or equivalent if you want a lightweight two-stroke, but 600cc sports bikes probably give the best power/weight for something available to civilians.

I think you'd probably have to ask Honda if they can spare you one, this would be a race-engine (only) wouldn't it?


yes it would be for drag race purposes only as the entire bike only 6 inches off the ground

I meant that the engine you want will only have been raced to death, or still be usable in a Honda racing bike / garage somewhere?