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Honus- Finalist Answered

Honus is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:
How to make a Green Lantern ring-including a glowing version!

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I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for being considered a finalist- this is a great site with a tremendous amount of knowledge, talent and inspiration for individuals like myself that want to create as well as learn from others. There were so many great entries (350!) in this contest that if you haven't perused the entire group, please do so- there's something for everyone!

As for my own entry, after reading through it you may discover that the beauty of learning this mold and pattern making process is that you can then make all sorts of custom resin castings, which makes for some pretty cool projects like custom cases for electronics projects, custom resin cast jewelry or that special part you need to create for your own project. You're only really limited by your imagination!

And since people ask "what would YOU do with a laser cutter?" this the proposal I came up with according to the original rules (I had posted this a while back in the forums)-
It is important to me as it has to do with how I feel as a community we can have a really positive impact in the world not just by offering our instructables but by directly helping those in need and at the same time promoting ourselves and this site. I think it's a neat idea and while I'm sure there would need to be some tweaks here and there I believe the overall idea itself is sound.

My idea would be to start a laser service- with a twist.

Let's say someone posts an instructable in the laser group that requires the use of the laser for their project. I would provide that at a given cost based on the complexity of the job- let's just say $40. From that $40, 20% would go into a Paypal/bank account to be held seperately for a charity.

Now let's say that person wants duplicates for themselves to sell on eBay or wherever. I would do this at a reduced cost, say $30. This is because the setup work has already been done. Now 25% of the money goes into the charity account.

Now let's say that someone reads the original instructable and wants to create the item for themselves. It would cost them $40 but now $5 goes back to the creator of the instructable and still 20% goes into the charity account.

When the charity account reaches $500 everyone that has posted an instructable in the laser group votes on where the money goes- it can be a school, Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, needy family, scholarship fund, etc. but it will have to be limited to a few choices during every voting session. The money is then donated in the name of Instructables.com -everyone that creates something here gets to see their projects create a direct impact on the world around them in the form of this charity donation.

The original creator of the instructable also gets $5 every time their instructable is used to create a product that they designed!

Well that's my idea- I know the rules concerning the contest have changed but I'm still going to do this anyway if I'm lucky enough to win. That's been my plan all along and I think it's something that benefits everyone and I'm sticking to it! :D


And for those interested, more of my instructables are here: https://www.instructables.com/tag/?limit%3Atype%3Ainstructable=on&sort=none&q=Honus


nice do you happen to be selling 1 ?

I have to say - this is definitely my favorite! Good luck - and maybe someday I can get in touch with you to cut some of my paper designs :)

Honus, you get my +, good luck.

even though I'm a competitor, I give this project a vote simply because I love it, and I want to make one. keep up the good work.

Thank you very much- that really means a lot to me!

Fantastic..........good luck

I was just looking at all of your instructables. Can I come over to your house and play? One of the things I like so much about this web site is that a lot of people are into all kinds of things and ... WOW! I've always been curious about the silver casting. Have you tried PMC? I haven't but maybe someday.

Thanks so much! I haven't tried using PMC but I know it has become extremely popular in the last few years. I'm hopefully going to start a project soon that requires clay sculpting- something I've never done before so it'll be interesting to see how it comes out... You could come on over but my garage is really nothing special- I just try to make maximum use of whatever materials I can scrounge up for my projects. My co workers know to ask me before throwing things away at my work- especially around Halloween. "Say, I can use that straw you have there....." :)

Thanks!! No matter what the final results of this contest are I hope that my projects are able to provide people with some good tools, techniques and inspiration- I'd be really psyched if everyone started wearing glowing rings and incorporated animatronics into their Halloween costumes! :) What's funny is that I saw Transformers this past week and I immediately started thinking about how I could create a giant Transformer robot Halloween costume by hollow molding a lot of the parts in fiberglass and then use some simple animatronics to make some of the costume parts move- I guess the gears in my head never stop turning....That would be sooo much fun. Just imagine what I could conjure up with a laser cutter- giant cardboard Transformer costume kits!! :P I have so many ideas for that laser..... As always, if anyone ever has any questions about any of my instructables or how they can apply what's there to their own projects, please don't hesistate to ask. I'm always willing to help people bring their own creations to life.