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Hookah Question!! Answered

Hey, I just smoked out of a hookah (wasnt the first time) but I think i inhaled an aluminum foil particle, (the foil sort of crumpled up into the tobacco...) I mean i felt a small piece go through my mouth and I inhaled it, now im not sure if it is stuck in my lungs and if it is what will happen to me?? this is scaring me a lot, if somone could help that would be amazing thanks -AV


Hey thanks guys, the thing i was worried about is the fact that its a piece of metal in your lungs, I wish I swallowed it but when its in your lungs its got nowhere to go. Anyways thanks for your help guys! -AV

I know what you talking about, this isn't the aluminum foil thats what happend when you use chip pipe for your hookah the pipe get wet and what you have ate is rust, now you may buy some good pipe, OR! my solution, is use an air conditioner pipe you may buy every where, you stuck some balloons over where the pipe sould be connected and then stuck the pipe. and then you may smoke, not eat rust! (idea for Instructable by the way) p.s. aluminum foil and rust would not kill you, both didn't killed me... have fun, Idan

If you're really concerned... get an x-ray of your chest ;) If you have insurance - go to your doctor first and get a doctors order to have it done.

Luckily, Al is no longer used in foil -- which would cause some pretty bad reactions in there.

If there is a foreign object in your lungs - they will put a tube down your trachea with a special clasp to grab whatever it is. It's not painful (no nerves in there ;)), it just feels a bit weird.

Remember that I'm not a doctor ;) So I stress again -- see a doctor ;)