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Hot an neutral conectors? Answered

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Hola Paige, acá en Chile no tenemos de este tipo de conectores, tenemos este (foto). Busque en la página del proveedor y en internet y me dice que en el caso del enchufe da igual a que lado conectar.


Hello Paige, in Chile we do not have this kind of connectors, we have this one (photo). Search at the provider's page and on the internet and tells me that, in the case of the plug, no matter wich side connect.

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-03-30

Hi Danilohizo,

I'm afraid I've never worked with the kind of plug pictured, so I can't be sure, but because both outer prongs look exactly the same, I would say that you're right and that it doesn't matter which one goes to the hot and neutral.

Just make sure you test the connections before plugging in!

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