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How 2 build a simple model car wich runs on c02 produced by d reaction between vinegar n baking soda?bt there is a trick Answered

Hi everyone!!..i hv tis competition cuming soon where we muz build a simple chemical car using cheap materials..d chemicals tad we muz use is 3 molar of 40 ml vinegar n 10 gram of baking soda...d car muz travel at least a distance 5 meters caryying a load of 100ml water ..bt d trick is,there muz NOT be  ANY spillage of water or sodium acetate which r also a by-product of d reaction otr ten co2...so any idea??all suggestions will be welcomed happily!!thx..=D


Text speak is never a good idea if you want to be clear!

You have 3 choices - a CO2 powered rocket - see cork rocket on the right.

OR the CO2 must drive some kind of piston based engine. See http://www.john-tom.com/html/Engines.html

OR Drive some kind of turbine. Much depends on how much CO2 you get and how much pressure you can generate.

Not a clue: try again in English ?

Chemicals in the bottom of the reaction vessel, gas exits near the top.