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How Can I Copy All My Songs To My Brothers Laptop Answered

My brother just got brand new laptop, but im not too sure how to copy my songs to his laptop. he has asked this of me, but i would still like to keep them on my computer. also his computer is vista and mine is xp even though im sure it might not have much to do with it. i have an ideaa of how to do it but i just need to make sure i do it rightt! thanks guys!


You could use HTS and then download them by going to his IP address, which you can find out with "cmd prompt>ipconfig"

That might be overcomplicating it a bit, I say flash drive/dvds.

you are missing a critical os point. his bro's computer uses vista. he should buy an easy transfer cable, and transfer all his songs via that.

Vista has absolutely nothing to do with anything. XP and Vista play nice with flash drives, dvds and cds, no need to buy a one time use cable.

you can use it like this: win 2000-> vista win XP -> vista older vista computer-> vista

And? That bears no real relevance to my point.

oh. well, you can use it later on in life, when an emergency rises up, its not 1-time at all.

I don't think I'll ever find the need. I'll just send it on my network if needs be.

you can use the cable for some diy projects later but i still prefer network cable. its damn fast !

Not so easy for someone who doens't know what they're doing though, I had trouble setting up file sharing between vista and xp in an ad-hoc network before. I still say flash drive, it may be slower but it's simple.

yeah, I have tried to share files via my network, but i have always failed at that.

It is a usb cable that plugs into 2 computers, and will transfer your documents, music, pictures, and settings.

yeah... flash drive/dvds/cds may just be simpler... but mine, on the other hand, is more complicated.

If you have access to a CD/DVD recorder and the computer has a player, that is an option also (but you may end up burning a LOT of CD or DVD's in the process).

. Great idea! If they are MP3s, you can fit a LOT of songs on a CD and gazillions on a DVD. And you have a backup when you get done.

option A connect with network cable or wireless network share the folder on computer A go to computer B and copy the music to or from the drive option B use a usb drive (one or more times)

Option B is by far the easiest, not to mention least prone to catastrophic failure, especially when dealing with different operating systems and a small lack of confidence. Copy, paste, copy, paste, repeat until complete.

buy an easy transfer cable, and transfer all your songs via that.

You could email them but that would take a long time. Or you could use a usb drive like binary boy said.