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How Can I Make A EMP Emitter? Answered

I would love to make an EMP, but i have no idea how to... I am sure i have the right tools and surely enough of the resourses to do so, i have a plethera of capacitors, some that are like 300,000 micro farads... My friend told me that those would come in handy... what else would i need and how powerful could i make it? Also, size does not really matter to me, as long as it works, I would be quite happy with it :)


I think you've got a winning attitude.  I like that you're sure you have the right tools, but the only thing missing is a plan.  I can't help but be reminded of one the musical scenes from the original Wizard of Oz.  It was a duet by Dorothy and the Scarecrow, with the refrain, "...if I only had a brain."

"With the thoughts you'll be thinkin' you could be another Lincoln!
If you only had a brain..."

The trick to producing such a device is to store up a bunch of (some form) energy, and then release it quickly (somehow) into your EM pulse.

I think big capacitors are a good start.  One thing you can do with big capacitors is charge them up, and then discharge them quickly.  For example, there a bunch of Instructables here, and other tutorials to be found elsewhere on the web, on the subject of something called a "coil gun".  If you can find a "coil gun" tutorial,  a good one, then you will learn much about the art of discharging capacitors quickly.  There's probably some food for thought, here:

However discharging capacitors is just the beginning.  You see there's only so much energy you can store in a capacitor.  You can store more energy, per unit weight, or volume, by using explosives.  There are tricks for converting explosive energy into electrical energy, some of which are described in articles like this one:

BTW, remember to wear your safety glasses.


6 years ago

I have one already made.Its handheld and the output can be compared to a microwave magnetron.Contact me if you want one...

I would be very interested in making one of these myself.

Good Point, i understand that i need alot of energy to be put out at once, but, i am wondering also, if i use one say made out of maybe 200-300 huge capacitors, would it destroy itself in one use, or live on.??

One answer appears to be available under Related on the right. I don't vouch for its accuracy.

Websearching will find other descriptions of EMP generators.

Note that inverse square law is a killer. It isn't excessively hard to produce serious fields in a small area (especially if you don't mind part of the device destroying itself in the process and having to be rebuilt every time). It's very hard to scale up.

Or to do safely. This is one of those "if you have to ask, you could kill yourself" kinds of questions.

What for? (see ork's answer first)