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How Can We trace Mobile No. location with out using GPS ?helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp? Answered

You can get so many website who tell about whos company network of Mobile no. and where connection was taken but no one give you exact location , running location of mobile no.



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I work for Emergency communications, 911.

For an emergency, we sometimes get gps coordinates from the device itself, and sometimes coordinates triangulated from the cel towers. This location can be as good as the gps can provide (as small as 1 meter radius), and as bad as the cel towers CANT provide, upwards of 30,000 meter radius.

As 911 operator I have the most miniscule sliver of a chance to ask the phone company for the gps from a phone, and I have to have sufficient cause to believe it is a life or death situation that ONLY that cel phone location ping can help. For privacy reasons, we can't just ping any old phone.

*If your own phone:
Contact your phone provider and IF they have a phone location service and IF they can verify your identity, they MAY be able to ping the phone and tell you.
My friend lost his phone a year ago and they were able to tell him the closest address, he knocked on their door, and they said "yes, we found it and brought it home, here you go" :)

Use any of the phone tracking software solutions BEFORE you lose your phone -- you can track online or with sms, or have the phone text you if the sim card is changed, etc...there are free versions for all operating systems.
There is even a remote install app for some android users so you don't even need it installed -- it just installs remotely from the market website.

*If the phone is NOT yours.

Ha. no.

how to say it.
You don't get the location, period.
Even if someone is performing an illegal act with the phone, harassing or threatening you, you STILL don't get the address -- the police get it and deal with it.

I doubt thet you can - The police and system operators can triangulate the mobile if it is used BUt this isn't a public option.

You could try asking your provider if thy will do this.

Thanks for your intrest and for opinion but actully as you said i know also they can but my question is why we can not do , if you see in internet you will get 100 website where you give any mobile no. and they will tell you Network Oprater name and they also tell you where you purchase that SIM, your purchase city name ..... that's why i also thought like we can also trace it If you also want to know this please pramote it ,,...... again thanks

I'm not convinced of the urgency of your request. The word "help" isn't long enough.

you can do it easier on an iphone.

In order to get exact location data on a specific cell phone number you'll probably need to contact that cell phone carrier and have a court order before they will hand that information over.


5 years ago

I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, but when you put a phone number into a website it uses the phone number itself to deduce the information it gives you. Different mobile carriers are allotted certain prefixes and number ranges to use, and different ones apply to different cities. That's why you get that information back. Land lines are the same.

To get the location would require data from the phone and towers. Something you can't get with just the phone number.

Plenty of apps can do this, but they need to be installed on the phone to work.

+1, you are right. Those sites can pin point landlines by using yellow page directories to tie a number to an address but cell phones are not tethered to one location.