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How Come It Says "Exception!" Everytime I Play Halo: CE? Answered

My computer says "Exception!" when I was playing Halo: CE and it keeps doing that. Can you please help me. I love to play it and it's annoying me when it does that. I've done graphic changes, virus scans, and patches. What else can I do?


You've almost certainly hit a software bug. Contact the publisher and ask if they have a fix.

I'm sure they've got a website.

I'm sure that somewhere on that website is a "contact us" link.

That will tell you how to reach them.

ok. I did send them an erreor report, but the patch they sent me to download didn't quite help. Sometimes it is the video card that gets overheated and then it crashes, but its not crashing. And what's a software bug? Never had one.

A software bug is an error in the program's design. Which is what the patch was intended to fix. If it didn't help, content them and tell them so. You may have found a mistake they haven't seen before.

Or your hardware may be dying.

Or something else may be walking on your system -- a bad device driver would be one example, malware would be another.

Hmmm...I did a virus check run thigny and it seems to work now, but when the video card is hot it does that exception thing. A solution I have found: Put ice in a small cup and put it right under the video card and close the lid. Not all the cold air stays, but most of it does and it keeps your computer from crashing. But if I ever encounter another problem I can always use your adive PEOPLE!!! Thanks for trying. :)

OK; you have either bad cooling (make sure the airflow paths are clear, make sure there's space around the PC for the hot air to escape to and cold air to come in from, remove any accumulated dust and pet-fur), or a video card on the edge of dying, or both with the former making the latter worse.

If it isn't a cooling problem, plan to replace that video card soon.

Yeah. I put it in myself. May be that's why it's all glitching. Haven't thought about that. Thanx. :D

When I play Halo, it keeps saying "running riot". Unfortunetely, that would be my little brother killing everyone.