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How Do I Apply A Simple Glitter Coat to My Car? Answered

I have a white 1993 Buick Lesabre and I just want to spruce it up a little bit. I want to know how to add a coat of glitter to it, and I want to know how to do it myself(the cheapest way). Thanks.



how much glitter is too much when painting a motorcycle ? I tried black base with purple and silver flakes....the base turned brown so it looks brown with pink flakes...what happened?

The right way to do it is
1. buy glitter from an auto paint shop
2. mix it into the clear coat
3. spray onto object
4. sand smooth with 800 grit wet paper
5. spray another clear coat without glitter
6. sand with 1500 grit wet paper and buff


8 years ago

Yeah I agree. It is best if you let a professional to apply the glitter coat because it's not that easy to do.

Get some "clear spray lacquer", spray it, immediately throw glitter over it. Then re-spray with clear lacquer.


I've done similar with wood varnish on paper-mache, but I've not used spray-laquer on a car.


Thanks everybody for your responses. But I don't want a "professional" job. I don't want to re paint my car, I just want a clear glitter coat. If it wears off I'll just do it again. Or do they sell "glitter paint", that would be even better.

I wonder if you could use one of those ceiling texture sprayers to apply the glitter more evenly than just throwing handfuls at the wet clearcoat?
Of course, to do it right and have it look nice, Cyberpageman's way is the only way to go, but if you're going for a more "art-car" kind of approach and don't mind it looking more like a craft project than an actual automotive paint job, go for it (presuming that you can find glitter that won't melt, that is).

I took a course in automobile spray painting, but never did flake, though I learned how.  It's not easy.  You have to prep the body carefully, and go over it several times.  The paint is expensive--several hundred dollars, probably.  The paint is toxic, so you need plenty of ventilation.

I looked it up on the Internet, and got a url for you, but you should look further.  There books in your library probably, and magazines that tell about it.


"Glitter will NOT work. you need automotive metal flake. Glitter for crafts will melt. Okay. Now first after primer and everything is smooth do your basecoat in whatever color. With a gun in a booth to get it right. Spray paint leaves splotches. I have seen cars with rolled on paint and it looks ok. Usually close to the flake color. Then you put some flake in the clear and spray that with a large tipped gun. Then shoot a lot more clear to bury the roughness of the flake. Or you can do flake without clear with a special gun and then do clear. "

This is certainly not a diy project unless you've done it before.

get a repair shop to do it for you?

clear coat with glitter mixed in. Keeping the glitter mixed while painting might be tricky.