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How Do I get apps on the LG enV Touch? Answered

After looking around on both my phone and the Verizon website, I cant find any way to download or otherwise obtain any sort of app. How can I get the apps, and how much does it cost?


You can download games, backgrounds, ringtones, and probably an msn client from your service provider. Give them a call and they'll explain how. Unfortunately, this service will likely cost you a pretty penny and most games will be really overpriced. Worse, most providers (at least in North America) will gladly sell them without making sure the game works on your phone and you'll often get stuck with the bill for something you can't use.

Costs? You need internet access on your phone. It's usually available at a fixed per-minute-rate (anywhere from ten cents to a dollar/min) unless you pay monthly for unlimited access. The games themselves range in price, but are frequently as expensive as or more than their PC counterparts. For example, my provider sells a Bejeweled clone for $15 and a port of Lemmings for $19.95. Still, you can find some gems for cheap... but like I said it's buyer beware. If it doesn't work, you may have to jump through some serious hoops to get a refund.

I can get ringers and backgrounds just fine. I'm interested in apps. I'll check w/ my provider about them.

You can buy them from your cell provider. If your phone is the same as mine you will go to MENU>GET IT NOW>EXTRAS>GET NEW APPLICATIONS.