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How Do You Build a Go-cart with a Lawn Mower Engine Answered

Would anybody happen to have any ideas on how to build a go-cart wwith a lawn mower engine(not riding).One that is somewhat inexspensive, say $100-$150 to make and some web sites to get all the parts i need for it.Im looking for one that I can ride on the road but also ride on a trail.I think there are some kind of shocks that lock and unlock.Anyways if you know any thing feel free to email me at gocart_crazy22@hotmail.com Thanks For Your Help, Deavan


I need help figuring out a setup, I have a 20hp riding mower engine to which I would like to mount on a go kart but I don't have gearbox so is there a way I can mount some idler pulleys in the frame of the go kart and run a belt to a centrifugal clutch or to a torque converter thus making it work???????????????????

u would absolutly need a differinshal

How many HP?

Any good ideas on stearing ? Plz help

I'm building a cart with a challenge xtreme 3.5hp four stroke engine , is there any way of getting more power from it ??? And also what's the best thing to do for my stearing system ??? Help would be much ablidged

If this was to become an instructable, then there would be quite the number of possibilities for what could be done with a lawn mower engine, or even a gas powered weed whacker! id like to see that put to good use!

Why not just add a seat to the lawnmower, or to a trailer behind the lawnmower? Lawnmower racing is a recognised sport in the UK. You could compete in a Class 2 race:


From http://www.trymysport.co.uk/lawn_mower_racing.htm :

As a general rule, there are 4 classes of Racing Lawn Mower: ~

Class 1 – These are walk (or rather run) behind Lawn Mowers and these can travel as fast as whoever is pushing them along!
Class 2 – Roller driven Lawn Mowers with a towed seat. Typically these Lawn Mowers would cut Cricket Pitches and Bowling Greens and are capable of about 35mph
Class 3 – Small Garden Lawn Mowers powered by a 10hp Lawn Mower engine. These are capable of speeds in excess of 50mph and are currently the favoured Class by most competitors
Class 4 – This is a new Class for small Bonneted Tractors, and as such these tend to be slightly larger in size than the Class 3 Lawn Mowers. However, they are the future of the sport and have potential top speeds of over 50mph

Oh, and trust the Yanks to get in on the idea: http://www.letsmow.com/

I have an old Yamaha XS 1100. It looks like aweful, but still runs well. My kids wanted to put the engine on one of my old mowers. Is there a class for that?

Kiteman, I hope to see you at the championships... Your scouts could be a handy source of light and expendable racing drivers, not to mention being able to tie it together if there's a crash...

. It will probably be easier to engineer if you will use a horizontal shaft engine. (When I think "lawnmower engine," I see a vertical shaft engine on a walk-behind mower.) Chainsaw engines work better than you might suspect from their small size. . You will need a centrifugal bell clutch w/gear (an old chainsaw engine should have one attached), chain (bicycle chain will work, but probably won't hold up for long - get some small motorcycle chain), and a sprocket for the axle. . If you don't plan on turning much, a solid axle will work (most go-carts don't have a lot of traction in the rear), but I don't recommend it.

that is an awesome image - *man racing down road on a wooden seat with two chainsaws roaring away in the back and dozens of squirrels running for their lives* Might try that...

Hehe, sounds like the plan I have for a go kart, well it wont look or function like a go kart so much as a spaceship...

If you are using a vertical shaft engine you need a twisted-belt and pulley system to get the power to a horizontal axle. Use a dis-engageable tensioner w/pulley as a clutch. My son has a riding mower with that set-up and it'll do wheelies and burnouts, depending on how heavy the driver is!

Yeah. If you have a pulley on your engines shaft, and a pulley on your drive-wheel/axle, put a belt slightly too large on there. Then make/buy a tensioner with a pulley on it to take up the slack to make the belt tight. Rig a cable or lever to that tensioner so that you can engage/dis-engage it at will. It will work like a clutch. You might have to fabricate some sort of belt-guide to keep the belt from falling off when you take the tension off.

Do u have a sk8board?

I've built one before.... actually... twice. You're going to need a frame, some wheels, etc. etc. I can't list all the parts, 'cause there's just too many, but Nacho seems to have the right idea. I haven't made one with shocks yet, but plan to do so in the future. Some kids in my school actually found a site where you can buy a full go-kart kit, including the engine. I think it was around $500, but I'm not sure.

you'd need a bevel gear because the lawn moro engine has to work straight up.

Belt driven, chain driven, or do you need a transmission ? *sigh*