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How Do You Create An Ebook Cover ? Answered

I'm making an ebook.  The ebook covers for Instructable ebooks look very good.  What software or online service would you recommend to make them look that good?
Example for an Instructable ebook is below.



I had a similar issue when I was trying to make a cover. PS is a great program and if you know how to use it then that is the way to go. If it is a bit intimidating the just try getting a ebook cover creator program. You can Google it and several options come up from online versions to download versions. I have tried a few and most are pretty good.

You should give it a try to make them yourself. Use Photoshop or use the free GIMP software. Start out with a good hi-res image that you want to use. You can then overlay on text and then manipulate the text shapes for a gradient fill and outlining. Good luck.