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How I can recycle good broken Headphones into a brand new Custom ones? Answered

Well I have Good DJ Heaphones but I could want to create a custom one like ones of Equestria Girls Vinyl scratch wears, I have a broken sony headphones and it still packs good quality sound how I can use those in my custom headphones? Here's an image I'm using from the MLP Wiki for reference - what are some good ways to build such headphones to match hers from the movie?

I know it's not Beats HD by Dre nor Sol Republic those are not the exect matches. I've look at one instructable from my ipod touch but lack some plastic to use. The Sony Headphones foam pads are so worn out I don't wanna use them!

The Headphones are Sony MDR-CD60 headphones with Dynamic Stereo.

The headphones are gonna be recycled in some way to have a new life onto them, I just removed the broken beams that holds the headband on them.

I tore off a speaker from it's wires I'll conver them to ipod speakers soon.


Take the speakers and wire out of the old and put them into a new housing. Though the shape of the speaker housing affect the quality of sound.

The main Housing is still good to be reused the only thing that was broken was the piece that holds the headband, I was thinking if I could get some clay of some sort and mold it to create a basic shape and get some kind of platic tube and use that.

I was thinking to create a mold of the piece so when I use this or another form I can use Shapelock (if I buy this stuff) and I can mold it from what I've made and put in the headphones.