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How I can use a Cockcroft Walton generator to charge 2 capacitor banks of 320 v. and 720 microfarads? Answered

I want to use a cockcroft walton generator to charge two capacitor banks of 320 volts 720 microfarads each one. Can you help me design a circuit for charge the capacitor banks with a input of 9-12 volts dc? I heard that this generator can work with positive dc pulses. If you can healp me make a circuit to charge the capacitor with the pulse generator will be great.


Well hardly, you don't use C-W generators on DC.....


I look on wikipedia and says that can work with pulsing dc.

no pulsing DC is on and off , AC is alternation negative to positive never stops and runs in 3 cycles in to us.

I know that.
I want to make a the cockcroftwalton generator with pulse dc, I want to use a 555 timer to make the pulses but i dont know how.

Thanks but I dont want to use 120 ac I want to use dc pulses from 9-12 volts