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How NOT to be a NOOB! Answered

After looking around, I have decided to make a Mini-Instructable (Therefore Forum Topic) about how to not be a noob. This will be targeted for Instructables, but most goes on any site. It is also partly targeted on knexers.

Step one, The name.

Well, a lot goes by what your name is, don't say something like I_Love_Knex_Guns, choose something like Dsman, TheDunkis, Kiteman,Adrian Monk, Goodhart, Dj Radio, Jollex or The Jamalam.
Also, try to use one that you use on other Websites, like Mepain, Kiteman or DutchJ

Step Two, the profile pic,

Well, most people hate people who don't even change their display pic, so try to AT LEAST change it a bit. Some people actually use photoshop, like Dsman, or go even further and get one specially crafted by a true master ( IE Oblivitus) Try to get something that reflects either your name, or your interests.

Step Three, Activity

Well, posting some Comments is Vital, and the whole point of Intructables is Instructables is just that, Post some Ibles! Don't be all nutty saying "This is my first Instructable, So be nice!'
Forum topics are also quite important.

Step four, Grammar

Grammar is not a NOOB issue, but a lot more people will like you, and try to help improve it that way. Also, there is a Spell check button RIGHT beside the buttons near the Post sign, so USE IT!

Step five, Activity Part two ( Bonus Points)

Some things that are help you get more popular is greeting new people with nice warm welcomes. Jollex has done this quite often, with a personally Knex-related greeting, as have many other people. Another thing people do is search "knex" and the go to recent, and post something nice on all the new ibles (Block triggers and Et Cetrea Exempt)

Example of a great welcome.

I noticed you'd joined the site, and also that you seem to be a K'NEX fan.

That's brilliant!

We have a lot of keen K'NEXers here, and we're quite a busy community on the site. Can I ask you to remember a few things, though? We are keen to show off K'NEX in its best light here, so please read these points carefully:(if you don't you run the risk of being labeled as a "noob")

One of the keys to a good Instructable is good photography. Please, don't use photos where the important bits are too small to see, or out of focus. Use good lighting and the macro mode of your camera. If you do not have macro, make sure things are in focus, then use an image editor to crop off the bits you don't need. Even Paint will do this.

This site is used by people all over the world. Lots of them don't speak English as their first language, and use translation websites to read your work. Please, do your best to use proper spelling and grammar, and avoid things like "u", and "r".

Now, as K'NEX gunners, we are dedicated to innovation. Innovative guns are what the K'NEXers what to see. But don't limit your self to guns, as some K'NEXers are annoyed by all the guns. And, please, no more little 12 piece guns.

You know K'NEX is about more than guns, and so do I, so let's see your other projects - have you designed a clever robot arm? A new vehicle? A ball-sorter? Show us!

Again, welcome to the site, and to the K'NEX community, and thank you for taking the time to read these hints. For more info click here.

>Your name here<

Well thanks, and I don't really think this needs a Whole ible, but If anyone wants to collaborate one, PM Me.



Ironically, newbies won't even know how to find this, let alone read it ;->

There noobs, not illiterate
it took me a while to find forums

Yes. And newbies won't know to search forums for useful topics, may not even know that fora within groups exist, may not recognize that the topic title would be useful for them to read, blah blah blah.

I didn't know there were forums until a few months after I joined instructables...

I found the forums shortly after finding the link from MAKE to here.....but I was looking for something like this then too :-)

Also, I reserve a special phrase for people who use "noob", but Eric wouldn't like me to use it here.

well if there that bad, we'll post a link on their orange board

yes, there obviously not use to having there brains there in there head.

How do you make text so small???? all I can do is this

,,^Like this.^,,,,^,,^Or this^,,^,,,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^The more added, the smaller the text.^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,


*Regrets telling how to do small text because an inbox full of tests is now inevitable.*

thanks to you I know who read my thing! Thanks!

" years of practice "

Ha! didn't know I could go that small

^ A DJ uses a ____ To amplify their voice. :P ^

Wait, so (Your name here) wrote the welcome?  Makes sense since he was the first knex gunner.


I never said "(Your name here", I said ">Your name here<". I did it for a reason... =P

But he wasn't the first, he was the first published, other than the ones on the K-force Tower.

I was joking.  And he was the first one to post a gun on ibles.

Clearly... :P
Yeah, the first published k'nex gunner.
But he was also the first published K'nexer, so does that mean that he was the first one to build something with it? No! So he was not the first gunner, he was the first published one. Well he would be, but on the K-force tower there was a tiny little cannon.

... That's basically what I meant.

Thanks for the compliment. :)

It's no secret you're a true pro with photo editing!


9 years ago


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Officially the most annoying comment in the history of mankind.

<bump> Hi, Bumpus!

I think DJ won the "most annoying comment" challenge. Skate's was mere babbling and forehead-on-keyboard. DJ's almost sounded like English, BUT IN SURREALISTIC ALL CAPS.

Ahem, er...pardon me. My, um, caps lock key got stuck...yeah, that's it, got stuck.


Oooh, nice tag. I like it. I shall steal it. :-D


I don't know, it's a hard decision, but then you haven't been subjected to "LULZENSTEINENHAMMER!" from Skate for the past 6 months...

Have I told you DJ's real name?? ;-)

Nope. I know he's had two previous user IDs, but that's it.

See, it's a little known fact that DJ stands for Dorothy Jane... XD

Not really.

Wasn't my idea. Wish it was though.